Alexandra Daddario Kissing Scene - DIE IN A GUNFIGHT (2021)


  • jose velasquez
    jose velasquez18 dagen geleden

    Is anyone else confused?! There’s too much going on. For just a trailer! 🤬

    JIMMYBOE FOSHO18 dagen geleden

    What a load of hollywood cheese.

  • Suman Das
    Suman Das19 dagen geleden


  • Jamaican Me Crazy
    Jamaican Me Crazy19 dagen geleden

    I'm going to be an actor just for her kiss then I'll retire or die or whatever. Who really cares what happens after that 🤣

  • Tamil Iniyan G
    Tamil Iniyan G19 dagen geleden

    I didn't know Bucky would kiss so good. must've imform to captain..

  • Bella ciao

    Bella ciao

    19 dagen geleden

    That's not bucky

  • ZohaibtheBeast
    ZohaibtheBeast19 dagen geleden

    so...... romeo and juliet ? Guess we know the ending, then.

  • Nigel Calpe

    Nigel Calpe

    18 dagen geleden

    romeo and juliet,but with guns and Ragnar Lodbrok

  • adolph gracius

    adolph gracius

    19 dagen geleden

    romeo and Juliet, but with guns

  • Sathish Kumar
    Sathish Kumar19 dagen geleden

    We want in tamil language

  • Thunder Flash Entertainments
    Thunder Flash Entertainments19 dagen geleden

    No one cares about the damages in the hotel.

  • Levi
    Levi19 dagen geleden

    Romeo and Juliet... Got it

  • Mr. Legendary
    Mr. Legendary19 dagen geleden

    So romeo and juliet if they were both suicidal in a nutshell

  • Alexander B

    Alexander B

    18 dagen geleden

    Romeo and Juliet both did commit suicide.... that’s kinda the whole thing

  • tâhèrø -séd
    tâhèrø -séd19 dagen geleden

    not a good kiss

    IF I WERE19 dagen geleden

    I make movie parodies and was thinking about making a parody of this!!

  • N4TEOnFir3
    N4TEOnFir319 dagen geleden

    Why have you done this¡¡ I mean I'm not complaining..

  • Jay
    Jay19 dagen geleden

    This is such a dumb scene lol

  • Chris


    18 dagen geleden

    you're life is also a dumb scene

  • divy raval
    divy raval19 dagen geleden


  • TheJester
    TheJester19 dagen geleden

    Alex knows how to kiss so good

  • Wae Jerantat

    Wae Jerantat

    19 dagen geleden


    I KRAKEN I PLASSE19 dagen geleden

    Mmmm 💦🍆❤️❤️🤯🌮

  • Keith neri
    Keith neri19 dagen geleden

    2nd and why am i here

  • kariat arekmane city hbn
    kariat arekmane city hbn19 dagen geleden


  • Arjun P Shibu
    Arjun P Shibu19 dagen geleden

    1st view & 1st comment



    19 dagen geleden

    Congratulation. You will be nomited for oscar for next year and a nobel prize will given to you. Also FIFA is discussing to give you world cup. Stay tune

  • john Bartholomew the 3rd

    john Bartholomew the 3rd

    19 dagen geleden


  • Keki Channel

    Keki Channel

    19 dagen geleden

    Shut up