Deadpool and Korg React To FREE GUY Trailer (2021)

Deadpool \u0026 Korg react to the Free Guy trailer


  • joaquin valeri
    joaquin valeri2 dagen geleden

    I love 2022 becasue they will host the fifa world cup

  • Nate Connell
    Nate Connell4 dagen geleden

    I appreciate the honesty gentleman. Thank you.

  • Nick Olliver
    Nick Olliver5 dagen geleden

    korg and deadpool are great

  • 63 Imp
    63 Imp7 dagen geleden

    He is you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chryzante
    Chryzante7 dagen geleden

    Korg was a rock solid guest

  • Smoky Mack
    Smoky Mack8 dagen geleden

    I was raised by avacados

  • Carlos Macias
    Carlos Macias8 dagen geleden

    Spiderman 😂 Deadpool 😂

  • the dark side
    the dark side8 dagen geleden

    Not streaming... Just fuck em tbh

  • Aaryan _K
    Aaryan _K8 dagen geleden

    Yeah now I'm not confused looking at this after watching the Last episode of LOKI

  • Gaurav Taulkar
    Gaurav Taulkar8 dagen geleden

    Don't suprise if taika waititi Direct Deadpool 3

  • Milk Last Name
    Milk Last Name8 dagen geleden

    Korg: i was raised by avos Pool: o my god just kill me now Me: bruh

  • Rob Gale
    Rob Gale8 dagen geleden

    Well that was super confusing because Baba O'Riley is my ringtone.

  • Justin 4K
    Justin 4K8 dagen geleden

    I dont even know what im watching

  • Nick Ferrazza
    Nick Ferrazza8 dagen geleden

    I'm not saying this four and a half minute video alone was completely worth Disney extending its all-consuming bureaucratic monopoly over the American film industry by buying Fox, but I'm also not not saying that.

  • NoobRageD
    NoobRageD9 dagen geleden

    so korg finally met noobmaster69

  • Lord Kiyo
    Lord Kiyo9 dagen geleden

    OMG this is great. Kinda wish Deadpool had a NLdron channel where he reviewed stuff. Although not sure how far the clever writing can go. But the world needs more of this. And Yes I thought the same, I thought the movie already came out, but apparently not.

  • CrawlingChaos
    CrawlingChaos9 dagen geleden

    Epic NPC man did it first

  • Yelena Belova
    Yelena Belova9 dagen geleden

    "Hello I'm made of rocks, thank you for having me paul, sorry your dead" Lolllllllll best line

  • tree turdy
    tree turdy9 dagen geleden

    Stop stealing content

  • Yassine A
    Yassine A9 dagen geleden

    Canadian Cumberbatch 😂😂😂

  • Muhammed Tufail Madani
    Muhammed Tufail Madani9 dagen geleden

    Which movie trailer is that in this video starting scene

  • KHLA YTgaming
    KHLA YTgaming9 dagen geleden

    So this means alot when Sylvie killed the Kang conquerer.. the new timeline has started.. cnt wait for the dr.strange multiverse movie🔥

    SYONA AGGARWAL9 dagen geleden

    I want Jodie Comer in the MCU so bad, I guess this is closest I’m gonna get to that for now

  • Jewel Castle
    Jewel Castle9 dagen geleden

    I love Korg. ❤️

  • CK RAJ Vlogs
    CK RAJ Vlogs9 dagen geleden

    Multiverse has began in LOKI series and this promotional reaction is clue that something BIG is coming from MCU..... Deadpool in multiverse and teaming up with some other MCU superhero....👍🏻👍🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • joaquin valeri
    joaquin valeri9 dagen geleden

    I love 2022 becasue they will host the fifa world cup

  • Ariel Ludueña
    Ariel Ludueña9 dagen geleden

    Deadpool 3 ?

  • sweettwiny
    sweettwiny9 dagen geleden

    1:fact that is Ryan Reynolds is free guy, it can't be a fail 2: I was raised by avocado 😂 😂 😂

  • carlos muller
    carlos muller9 dagen geleden

    !Not streaming damm it 😡🤬 ! I haven’t watched the movie free guy for 2 years ago i wanna watch it! until Agust and no tricks

  • Kobby Hitake
    Kobby Hitake9 dagen geleden

    "I was raised by avocados"

  • Shahmir Khan Baloch
    Shahmir Khan Baloch10 dagen geleden

    Welcome to the Multiverse

  • Noe
    Noe10 dagen geleden

    This should be it’s own Disney plus franchise or NLdron channel

  • HOBOZELDA who laughs
    HOBOZELDA who laughs10 dagen geleden

    Korg is legit my fav MCU or comics character

  • Msimisi Masuku
    Msimisi Masuku10 dagen geleden


  • Haley Cartwright
    Haley Cartwright10 dagen geleden

    Korg is my favourite character in any Marvel movie, this made me so happy!!!

  • Jamie Guzman
    Jamie Guzman10 dagen geleden

    It is probably Doctor Strange who helped him take Korg to the other universe where Deadpool is. if korg appeared with deadpool, and the Avengers can also appear and meet deadpool and the X-Men

  • Fail Time
    Fail Time10 dagen geleden

    Hello guys, I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ...

  • Dimitris Koutelidas
    Dimitris Koutelidas10 dagen geleden

    Would be fun if deadpool just watches a variant of himself where he became an actor.

  • kanari rose
    kanari rose10 dagen geleden

    lmaoo I love this

  • Mitzi Lee
    Mitzi Lee10 dagen geleden

    Goddammit, Sylvie, what have you started?

  • thuy Tran
    thuy Tran10 dagen geleden

    i was raised by an avocado, lol Taika Waititi just gets me

  • Saif Mohamad
    Saif Mohamad10 dagen geleden

    This is the best thing ever

  • Maverick Rhodes
    Maverick Rhodes10 dagen geleden

    See, Ryan Reynold's star in, The Truman Show, for nerds..

  • Marvel Stuff
    Marvel Stuff10 dagen geleden

    “Where are the f*cking dogs??” Sigh; my thoughts exactly

  • HulkVahkiin
    HulkVahkiin10 dagen geleden

    Lolol, even though Disney bought Deadpool back. This is the most we can get for a Marvel and Fox Marvel characters crossover.

  • Ryder Bishop
    Ryder Bishop10 dagen geleden


  • Munulen Surin
    Munulen Surin10 dagen geleden

    I guess Deadpool came out of the comic Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe 🤔

  • Casua1Gamer
    Casua1Gamer10 dagen geleden

    Love it! Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool :)

  • Yash Mishra
    Yash Mishra10 dagen geleden

    '*i prefer the dark World*' 😂

  • The GutanaTor
    The GutanaTor10 dagen geleden

    Fun fact dead pool is guy

  • やんやん
    やんやん10 dagen geleden

    英語で何言ってるか全くわからんけど 日本人おる?

  • Gail Henderson
    Gail Henderson10 dagen geleden

    Green lantern 2 confirmed

  • 気になる木
    気になる木10 dagen geleden

    だ…誰か…日本語訳を… Please me Japanese speak… I can speak not English… I can not English study…

  • Peter Stark
    Peter Stark10 dagen geleden

    They can add rocket raccoon in there 😁

  • kartik karmakar
    kartik karmakar10 dagen geleden

    Trueman show!

  • Hanzo Yamazaki
    Hanzo Yamazaki10 dagen geleden

    Deadpool should have a NLdron channel 💯

  • Chrisj53
    Chrisj5310 dagen geleden

    Welcome in MCU Wade

  • Modern Viking
    Modern Viking10 dagen geleden

    This is canon now, no arguements needed. This is the shit

  • victoria vires
    victoria vires10 dagen geleden

    its kinda royally awesome but deadpool is not my favorite prince

  • Richard Foley
    Richard Foley10 dagen geleden

    Love it !!

  • owasumi
    owasumi10 dagen geleden


  • Schlauer in 3 Minuten - Fitness Fakten
    Schlauer in 3 Minuten - Fitness Fakten10 dagen geleden

    Was wondering why deadpool didn’t put out the truth: the obligatory black side character and a „strong“ independent female character and a guy who Acts like a girl.

  • Butt face
    Butt face10 dagen geleden

    Why did I notice that Ryan Reynolds plays a person named guy 2 times

  • joerocket10r
    joerocket10r10 dagen geleden

    Deadpool gogglebox

  • Henry O'Brien
    Henry O'Brien10 dagen geleden

    It’s actually a dream come true

  • Joshua Striegler
    Joshua Striegler10 dagen geleden

    idk, ryan renolds just isnt funny

  • Spooky Raptor
    Spooky Raptor10 dagen geleden


  • Ashish.
    Ashish.10 dagen geleden

    Will it come in hindi also

  • Parameshwar Hazra
    Parameshwar Hazra10 dagen geleden

    4/5 Avacados

  • Katanzah
    Katanzah10 dagen geleden

    Where’s the tonight with dead pool show

  • Katanzah


    5 dagen geleden

    @Robert Downey Jr. Fan Club i dont know how to find my skype id but my skype name is Steve Tang

  • Robert Downey Jr. Fan Club

    Robert Downey Jr. Fan Club

    7 dagen geleden

    @Katanzah Ok send me your Skype ID and your Skype name

  • Robert Downey Jr. Fan Club

    Robert Downey Jr. Fan Club

    8 dagen geleden

    @Katanzah Okay, send me your Skype name or ID, so that i can add you now

  • Katanzah


    8 dagen geleden

    @Robert Downey Jr. Fan Club how do i cantact you now on skype?

  • Katanzah


    8 dagen geleden

    @Robert Downey Jr. Fan Club its finished

  • Guapz sarcasmo
    Guapz sarcasmo10 dagen geleden

    *They shit over his most iconic enemy but at least Deadpool is finally there*

  • Okita Tomei
    Okita Tomei10 dagen geleden

    Whats missing is Luis

  • sahiel5
    sahiel510 dagen geleden

    this is probably better than the movie itself

  • Archit misal
    Archit misal10 dagen geleden

    I realized later that the villain of the free guy and and hero of the free guy both were giving their reactions to the movie by wearing their cross franchise personas

  • Krishna Kumar
    Krishna Kumar10 dagen geleden

    Legend says Deadpool is noobmaster 69

  • กรรณภัทร อิน
    กรรณภัทร อิน10 dagen geleden


  • The Real Republic
    The Real Republic10 dagen geleden

    Up next ... Deadpool and the 3 Wombats react to Loki

  • Tech stories
    Tech stories10 dagen geleden

    Deadpool is now entering mcu

  • JODplayer
    JODplayer10 dagen geleden

    Well welcome to MCU deadpool!

  • Rey Romero
    Rey Romero10 dagen geleden

    Baba O' Riley 😏 😎

  • Andres Anguiano Zuñiga
    Andres Anguiano Zuñiga10 dagen geleden

    Deadpool and Korg... Thats a very COOL concept. The Lovely rock Space dude and the Mr PizzaFace crazy one.

  • Rey Romero
    Rey Romero10 dagen geleden

    That dog was just happy to be sitting next to DP

  • Andrew McMonagle
    Andrew McMonagle10 dagen geleden

    so not Taika being Korg feels hollow

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  • Hendrik Han
    Hendrik Han10 dagen geleden

    Will deadpool be in thor4 cameo?

  • Doni
    Doni10 dagen geleden

    Ничего не понял

  • Abhishek 1
    Abhishek 110 dagen geleden

    Marvel's upcoming series The korg and The deadpool

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  • Toxic-_- Wookiee
    Toxic-_- Wookiee10 dagen geleden

    What if this is just hinting at bringin him to the mcu

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    Hot Girls Video XXX10 dagen geleden

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  • Lupan The3rd
    Lupan The3rd10 dagen geleden

    I kinda like the glitch before introducing Korg

  • Hans Drareg Valdez-Galang
    Hans Drareg Valdez-Galang10 dagen geleden

    We need to see korg, deadpool, drax, groot in the same screen

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    Hot Girls Video XXX10 dagen geleden

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    Hot Girls Video XXX10 dagen geleden

    Latest content especially for adults over 18 years old �� ha

  • Avro Arrow
    Avro Arrow10 dagen geleden

    I commented on another video TWO YEARS AGO that Deadpool and Korg needed to be put together. I am damn proud of myself now. LOL

  • Daniel VIllalobos
    Daniel VIllalobos10 dagen geleden

    I honestly thought that this movie came out last year too

  • D-jr85
    D-jr8510 dagen geleden

    Ryan as deadpool is hilarious I can't see anyone else playing the character

  • J.A Valdés
    J.A Valdés10 dagen geleden

    Cruella's reaction it's 100% spot on

  • I give honest reviews
    I give honest reviews10 dagen geleden

    Deadpool mcu confirmed

  • Addie
    Addie10 dagen geleden

    The duo we don’t deserve 😭