ENCANTO Trailer (2021)

First trailer for Disney's Encanto


  • TopDawg02Gaming
    TopDawg02Gaming8 dagen geleden

    Me at first: hey this looks like a great movie Me after the main character’s flaw is introduced: OH WOW!! IVE *NEVER* SEEN THAT BEFORE /s!!!!

  • mvmlego1212
    mvmlego12129 dagen geleden

    0:46-0:56 -- Good grief. Is anyone else tired of movie writers treating the audience like they're mentally handicapped five-year-olds? I miss the days when animated movies still had an ounce of subtlety left in them.

  • Dhana 2.0
    Dhana 2.010 dagen geleden

    first 30 seconds sound tracks like a DORA the explorer

  • Eric Gutierrez
    Eric Gutierrez13 dagen geleden

    Let’s gooooo Colombia, I am really proud to be Colombian and I’m about to go to Colombia Tonight, I’m so excited🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  • Vicente Guzmán
    Vicente Guzmán14 dagen geleden

    where's Allmight when you need him?

  • Narujen
    Narujen14 dagen geleden

    1:03 DONKEY

  • MONSTER743
    MONSTER74315 dagen geleden

    What is with Disney doing a lot of Mexican culture these days? I'm not against it, but there overdoing the same culture over and over. Why not make an animated film around Africa, Russia, or hell even Ireland?

  • mvmlego1212


    9 dagen geleden

    The only other one that I can think of is Coco. Are there others?

  • Vicente Guzmán

    Vicente Guzmán

    14 dagen geleden

    wow, just. Wow

  • fernando lopez
    fernando lopez15 dagen geleden

    y de pronto BOOOM comentario en español adema en colombia no todo son color carton

  • Ruben Carmona
    Ruben Carmona15 dagen geleden

    En Disney

  • Ruben Carmona
    Ruben Carmona15 dagen geleden

    Esta preciosa así como es de Colombia 🇨🇴 también deberían hacer una de Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  • evzworld
    evzworld15 dagen geleden

    Finally, a cartoon representing brown Spanish people that are not maids or idiots. Not all Colombians look like Sofia Vergara. It is very colorful and lively. Love it can't wait.

  • Arthur Burton Morgan
    Arthur Burton Morgan15 dagen geleden

    Next an African Disney movie. Please

  • Alonso Pérez

    Alonso Pérez

    7 dagen geleden

    Wakanda forava xD

  • mvmlego1212


    9 dagen geleden

    Gotta check of all of those diversity boxes, amarite? 🙄

  • Ricardo Moreno
    Ricardo Moreno15 dagen geleden

    Y las masacres, cómo van a hacer una película colombiana sin masacres, por Dios.

  • quietheartcreations
    quietheartcreations15 dagen geleden

    will go see this one.

  • Rave Bane
    Rave Bane15 dagen geleden

    Esa niña del final es salvaje xDDDDD

  • Ralphie Cornejo
    Ralphie Cornejo15 dagen geleden

    My special gift is having an excuse for every possible bad outcome

  • jacovee
    jacovee15 dagen geleden


  • jacovee
    jacovee15 dagen geleden

    More sjw shit.

  • der_crafter 2000
    der_crafter 200015 dagen geleden

    That house looks like it would be really annoying to live in

    GABRIEL16 dagen geleden

    Looks fun🙂

  • Yeissy Salazar
    Yeissy Salazar16 dagen geleden


  • Abhinav Gupta
    Abhinav Gupta16 dagen geleden


  • mithun vasanthakumar
    mithun vasanthakumar16 dagen geleden

    Parvathi thiruvoth, dat you?

  • Claire Mcdonald
    Claire Mcdonald16 dagen geleden

    993th person to like this video lol

  • NightWraith76
    NightWraith7616 dagen geleden

    Calling it right now. This is gonna have a beautiful message that will connect with young people that says that you shouldn’t have to compare yourself to the achievements of others and though it seems like everyone is more talented than you, you have something that will blow everyone else out of the water.

  • fake real

    fake real

    14 dagen geleden

    Then the message will be negated by some final twist where it turns out the girl did have a supernatural gift all along, and it's special enough to make everyone else's pale by comparison.

  • Extroyer 10329
    Extroyer 1032916 dagen geleden

    0:24 there's always that one character in a Disney movie that likes animals

  • satansclaw66
    satansclaw6616 dagen geleden

    Denial. Is that not a river in Africa. See what i did there.

  • chickenwityamz
    chickenwityamz16 dagen geleden

    Lesbian powerlifters and transgender shapeshifters...I'll pass

  • mvmlego1212


    9 dagen geleden

    I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that's not where they're going with those abilities. My bigger concern is the script that hits with the subtlety of a truck full of bricks. (e.g. 0:46-0:57)

  • Korewu Ash
    Korewu Ash16 dagen geleden

    Můj výraz zvrací... -_-

  • Akhil Nair
    Akhil Nair16 dagen geleden

    My hero academia?

  • cobramauxi
    cobramauxi16 dagen geleden

    Ajá, where is the Chigüiro ????

  • AniMason Studios
    AniMason Studios16 dagen geleden

    This makes me wish superpowers existed

  • brandon cannon
    brandon cannon16 dagen geleden

    I'm here for it

  • AlakiaXX•
    AlakiaXX•16 dagen geleden

    David Stevens has a lot to say

  • Melted dark chocolate
    Melted dark chocolate16 dagen geleden

    Best believe in tuning the F in for this movie

  • Daniel Dombrowa
    Daniel Dombrowa16 dagen geleden

    Haha great

  • Angel Cano
    Angel Cano16 dagen geleden

    Otra Película mexicana

  • Davis Stevens
    Davis Stevens16 dagen geleden

    *"Maybe your gift is being in denial."* *Ah, Someone of my kin.*

  • Davis Stevens
    Davis Stevens16 dagen geleden

    *It's good that they make movies with a Latin American location. They have already made Peru, Mexico and now Colombia.*

  • Davis Stevens
    Davis Stevens16 dagen geleden

    *- Finding Nemo: Australia* *- Ratatouille: France* *- Brave: Scotland* *- Moana: Polynesia* *- Coco: Mexico* *- Luca: Italy* *- Encanto: Colombia*

  • The Nerd King!

    The Nerd King!

    12 dagen geleden

    @TheEliasKingwell I knew they were missing more

  • TheEliasKing


    12 dagen geleden

    @The Nerd King! they need Puerto rico, Cuba, Turkey, Chile, United Kingdom, And Others.

  • The Nerd King!

    The Nerd King!

    12 dagen geleden

    @TheEliasKing oh right All we need now is India and the Middle East or something (Aladdin doesn't count!) And I wonder when their gonna do The US, Guatemala, or Brazil

  • TheEliasKing


    13 dagen geleden

    @The Nerd King! Africa= The lion king

  • The Nerd King!

    The Nerd King!

    15 dagen geleden

    - Mulan: China 🇨🇳 I wonder what there gonna do for Africa and India?

  • Davis Stevens
    Davis Stevens16 dagen geleden

    *"Do you want to make a music video or a movie trailer?"* *Disney execs: "Yes".*

  • Nιɠԋƚ'ʂ Eԃɠҽ

    Nιɠԋƚ'ʂ Eԃɠҽ

    15 dagen geleden

    @A Otter Of God Oh okay

  • Nιɠԋƚ'ʂ Eԃɠҽ

    Nιɠԋƚ'ʂ Eԃɠҽ

    15 dagen geleden

    @A Otter Of God From where?

  • Nιɠԋƚ'ʂ Eԃɠҽ

    Nιɠԋƚ'ʂ Eԃɠҽ

    16 dagen geleden


  • Davis Stevens
    Davis Stevens16 dagen geleden

    *It’s so colorful and vivid I kind of want to see this.*

  • Isaac Rangel
    Isaac Rangel16 dagen geleden

    Alright I'm looking forward to it

  • Hope, Faith & Love
    Hope, Faith & Love16 dagen geleden

    Aww the characters are so cute

  • M.Puntha Murugan
    M.Puntha Murugan16 dagen geleden

    Disney is making a lot of cultural movies these days, Coco, Luca, Moana, Raya and now Encanto.

  • Princess Fairy
    Princess Fairy16 dagen geleden

    She kinda looks like repunzol to me from Tangled. Idk maybe tangled fever didn't leave my head ()

  • eliseo alvarez
    eliseo alvarez16 dagen geleden

    la mansion X

  • CoMuselk
    CoMuselk16 dagen geleden

    Hispanic Culture yes?

  • Morningstar
    Morningstar16 dagen geleden

    So basically, the plot is going to be about the main character trying to find what makes them special and in the end they're going to find out that being themselves is what makes them special or they're going to discover that one thing that makes them special in this case it being super powers. It's good to know that Disney isn't done Recycling and stealing plots from other movies and TV shows. You know, like sky-high, The Lego Movie, my hero Academia and so so so many more. Needless to say I'm not too excited about this cliche of a movie.

  • Morningstar


    16 dagen geleden

    @lini002 the way I see it, is that Disney is going to have to fight even harder to make it stand out from those other movies TV shows and stories, and in my opinion the ethnicity of the main characters doesn't matter when it comes to that. The race or gender shouldn't matter when it comes to telling a story, if it does matter then whoever is writing the story is going to go all out on those specific aspects and ruin the story as a whole. So when you say that it Embraces South American culture, I say that that doesn't matter when it comes to the overall story.

  • lini002


    16 dagen geleden

    this plot has been done over and over again before even those movies you mentioned. This is kind of a staple plot seen in a lot of media for teens and young adults because the message never stops being relevant or important. As well this is a breath of fresh air because it embraces South American culture.

  • CT- 4630
    CT- 463016 dagen geleden

    This looks so good I can’t wait

  • donpuma writter
    donpuma writter16 dagen geleden

    My hero academia Disney style, ok

  • KingAlphaOmega
    KingAlphaOmega16 dagen geleden

    This is like mix of coco and moana

  • Rafael Mateo Neira

    Rafael Mateo Neira

    16 dagen geleden

    That's actually how you create colombian, mix of Polynesian and Mexican

  • Maria F B Taimenas
    Maria F B Taimenas16 dagen geleden

    at a glance similar to moana anf cocco...but i like this..can't wait to see it soon...Disney is the best💜

  • Extroyer 10329
    Extroyer 1032916 dagen geleden

    Am I the only one who noticed that in 0:33 that the two guests are dressed just like Miguel's dad and Coco in the movie Coco Easter egg!! 😃👍

  • Justin Michael Wagner

    Justin Michael Wagner

    16 dagen geleden

    Miguel's dad part is iffy, but that definitely looks like Coco. Maybe this is Miguel's grandfather we never see( Mom's Mom's husband) or someone else that would make sense with the ages with a 60s-70s Coco?

  • Deni ilham

    Deni ilham

    16 dagen geleden


  • caitlin van heerden
    caitlin van heerden16 dagen geleden

    Glad Disney is moving away from beauty standards and is showing that as long as you are a healthy person inside and out, you are beautiful and special 🧡

  • One_Big_Guy69
    One_Big_Guy6916 dagen geleden

    "Maybe your gift is being in denial" Me: Maybe I am gifted

  • Cute Creeper
    Cute Creeper16 dagen geleden

    having some coco vibes now

  • kapi shan
    kapi shan16 dagen geleden

    So colourful

  • Aaron Pruszak
    Aaron Pruszak16 dagen geleden

    But if everyone is special no one is so the main actually is the only special one

  • caitlin van heerden
    caitlin van heerden16 dagen geleden

    She HAS to be a Disney Princess. She's a girl with no gift or skill and still manages to be even more special than the rest and positive. Princess material.

  • Luringskydiver
    Luringskydiver16 dagen geleden

    So the plot of this movie is you don’t need a special gift to be special, you can be special in your own way. This looks like a good movie

  • mvmlego1212


    9 dagen geleden

    That's not a plot; it's a theme, and based on 0:46, this movie looks like it's going to do even more clubbing the audience over the head with its message than the other other animated movies of the last five-or-so years did--which is to say, "a lot".

  • Lí Thị Trà Bu

    Lí Thị Trà Bu

    16 dagen geleden

    The plot sounds pretty familiar to me

  • Serge Ngrime Ngrime

    Serge Ngrime Ngrime

    16 dagen geleden

    @Fire Song like pretty much all the Shonen Animes main characters that at the start are nothing special

  • Fire Song

    Fire Song

    16 dagen geleden

    I give it a 50/50 chance that at the end of the movie she'll have the most special "gift" of all.

  • plucas1
    plucas116 dagen geleden

    For my fantasy fix lately I've been indulging in Isekai anime. There are some eh ones, and there are some really good ones, but they all kind of suffer from a dull kind of sameness when it comes to their visual design and their fantasy worlds. But THIS looks like a breath of fresh air, with really imaginative and colorful visual environments and takes on magic we might not have seen before. I don't know how the story is going to be (which actually is THE most important element for a film) but just from the visuals alone this looks well worth the price of admission.

  • Santo Tan
    Santo Tan16 dagen geleden

    After watching My Hero Academia manga/anime series, that's basically where my thoughts are at.

  • Faster Slasher

    Faster Slasher

    12 dagen geleden

    Why ?

  • pilgrim57
    pilgrim5716 dagen geleden

    ...yawn... Oh for the days of being totally WOW'd by a trailer for a great Disney movie -- example: The ORIGINAL ANIMATED trailer for The Lion King.

  • Juana Kravitz
    Juana Kravitz16 dagen geleden

    Ummm 🤔 okay, idk what to make of this film. Amazing animation. But story plot looks off… plus the character Mirabel looks like a cross begin a Dora the explorer, mixed with Moana & valma glasses.

    ASTROD16 dagen geleden

    How much music do you need Disney: Yes!

  • Deni ilham

    Deni ilham

    16 dagen geleden


  • Li
    Li16 dagen geleden

    I love this but I want Disney to do other cultures like Indian, Japanese etc

  • Li


    16 dagen geleden

    @caitlin van heerden also Elena of Alvalor is from what google says as I had to make sure south American

  • Li


    16 dagen geleden

    @caitlin van heerden Disney have done Chinese, Hawaiian etc but I am yet to see a story on India that isn't middle eastern as im middle eastern if that's what u mean, they haven't done a story on Japan, Korea etc there are lots of countries but they mainly stick with stories from a tiny amount around the world and I would love to see stories based on folklore or history or one made up of these unknown countries they haven't done on, yes I love Disney always have but the more they do on a wider area the more id like because it can educate kids more about that country and show a side no one has heard of before.

  • caitlin van heerden

    caitlin van heerden

    16 dagen geleden

    What do you mean? Disney has never done a culture like this. So I like this more. Disney has done middle east asian and actually a ton of Asian ones... but NEVER south American .

  • Tanish Chauhan
    Tanish Chauhan16 dagen geleden

    Another masterpiece like coco

  • Deni ilham

    Deni ilham

    16 dagen geleden


  • Quanggg
    Quanggg16 dagen geleden

    Man, this is not sony

  • Mr.K
    Mr.K16 dagen geleden

    What is the mean Encanto?

  • BJ Sky_M¡

    BJ Sky_M¡

    16 dagen geleden

    Lovely or Charming

  • Jose Zaldivar
    Jose Zaldivar16 dagen geleden

    Don't Stop the Fiesta Now. This is gonna be a Big South-American Blast.

  • Deni ilham

    Deni ilham

    16 dagen geleden


  • Feigs ,Vr
    Feigs ,Vr16 dagen geleden

    El carpincho siempre será argentino 🙃

  • Daniel Rivera

    Daniel Rivera

    16 dagen geleden

    De qué habla, en Colombia es un animal muy común y se le llama chigüiro, cálmese

  • EtadaB Musieye
    EtadaB Musieye16 dagen geleden

    It looks stunning but come on man that was incredibly insensitive oh brother, I'm looking forward to the magic but those words cut deep

  • Jose Zaldivar
    Jose Zaldivar16 dagen geleden

    Its Like the Fusion of Coco and Moana

  • SamPLays
    SamPLays16 dagen geleden

    this movie gonna look crazy in 4K

  • Deni ilham

    Deni ilham

    16 dagen geleden


  • Juegos Android los mejores
    Juegos Android los mejores16 dagen geleden

    Viva colombia hpppppppp

  • FilmStar Trailer
    FilmStar Trailer16 dagen geleden

    Enjoy the trailer for Encanto

  • G1 Grimlock
    G1 Grimlock16 dagen geleden


  • Ak Naidu
    Ak Naidu16 dagen geleden

    Love u so much

  • SarhanTheArianator
    SarhanTheArianator16 dagen geleden

    I'm going to watch all animated movies and marvel movies of 2021

  • EX18GA


    16 dagen geleden


  • Paredes, Marc Angelo C.
    Paredes, Marc Angelo C.16 dagen geleden

    Spain after Italy

  • Super Among Us Enzo
    Super Among Us Enzo16 dagen geleden

    I saw it 1st

  • Andrejohn Isaac Columbres
    Andrejohn Isaac Columbres16 dagen geleden


  • Gog Gog
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  • Jeepers Reapers
    Jeepers Reapers16 dagen geleden

    First lol.

  • ライBizu
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  • Amauri Ramirez
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  • Free Fire Asura Gaming
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