INVASION Trailer (2021)

Trailer for Invasion


  • TheRoadfarmer
    TheRoadfarmer3 dagen geleden

    Just over hyping everyone's already over hyped obsession with aliens. "I saw a movie and it seemed so real so I know we've been visited ..."..... *Yawn*

  • nick serna
    nick serna9 dagen geleden

    Man the military regulations on facial hair have gotten really relaxed

  • mike risumfeldt
    mike risumfeldt10 dagen geleden

    why me bcs nothing even comes close to you ;-) quote from jurassicpark 3

  • Surya Prakash
    Surya Prakash11 dagen geleden

    Cinematography ❤️👍😀

  • Proto
    Proto11 dagen geleden

    Was that a reaper ship from mass effect at the end

  • TheOrbitalmadness
    TheOrbitalmadness11 dagen geleden

    Crapple now making shitty movies.

  • tegah golden
    tegah golden11 dagen geleden

    Who else saw the big monster at the end with the big stuff 😀

  • PIGIN JpWp2
    PIGIN JpWp211 dagen geleden

    0:19 fuck.

  • Tara Johnson
    Tara Johnson11 dagen geleden

    Sad it’s only going to be on appletv. It looks like it would have been a good movie.

  • Puli Sunil M
    Puli Sunil M11 dagen geleden

    It's a nice direct

  • Billbeaux
    Billbeaux11 dagen geleden

    Conditioning us for the fake alien invasion to bring us all together into a potential one world government/NWO scenario. Yeah I know it sounds whack. Guess we'll just have to stick around and find out!

  • Amédée Boulette
    Amédée Boulette11 dagen geleden

    War of the worlds all over again.

  • sonsofsparda22
    sonsofsparda2211 dagen geleden

    So, is this a sequel to arrival?

  • Evan NK
    Evan NK11 dagen geleden

    damn apple is working hard, some good things coming soon.

  • phonechecktv
    phonechecktv11 dagen geleden

    Cloverfield 3.0 ????

  • mosilhy
    mosilhy11 dagen geleden

    Trailer starts now... introduction to a trailer that is an introduction to the movie.. smh

  • Bruce Crossan
    Bruce Crossan11 dagen geleden

    So ya got my attention... now I got to wait 3 months? Thanks a lot!

  • Janko Hrasko
    Janko Hrasko11 dagen geleden

    since when has year 22 months lol

  • Zaxiel
    Zaxiel12 dagen geleden

    Jupp im going to watch this

  • SaintOfPower12
    SaintOfPower1212 dagen geleden

    Lol more alien movies, the look on everyone's faces when we really get an invasion but it's not the aliens they expect but the 2nd coming of christ. And since they will see christ as a so called black man with a whole bunch of angels with him, and not the white washed version everyone was taught to believe, they'll have to think it's an invasion haha. Only this time, the "aliens" are winning.

  • Liricalgenius Vevo
    Liricalgenius Vevo12 dagen geleden

    This trailer reveals nothing,makes me wonder what is it about,I am definitely gonna watch this,this is how a trailer should be made

  • Michael Graham

    Michael Graham

    11 dagen geleden

    @Kamelot hes pretty dense lol

  • Kamelot


    12 dagen geleden

    um its an alien invasion ? you see the alien at the end.

  • R
    R12 dagen geleden

    Aliens invading Earth would be humanoid NOT insectoid. Please no more invincible giant spider crickets.

  • R


    11 dagen geleden

    @Sassy The Sasquatch LOL. Nice!

  • Sassy The Sasquatch

    Sassy The Sasquatch

    11 dagen geleden

    Looks like someone was born in the kiddie gene pool

  • Erdem
    Erdem12 dagen geleden

    What's with all these cheap alien invasion films genre resurgence.

  • R
    R12 dagen geleden

    Please NO MORE, "Earth's military is impotent against a far superior alien invasion and the aliens look like giant insects". SMH

  • Rob


    11 dagen geleden

    I mean. If an alien civilization capable of traveling between solar systems DID show up and want to wreck our shit, the collective military might of the entire planet even working together wouldn't be able to do dick to stop them. The amount of technological advancement required for interstellar travel would put them so far ahead of us that we couldn't hope to be more than a minor annoyance at best. And why would they have to be humanoid? That's just dumb thinking they'd have to look anything like us. This ain't Star Trek where everything is just human with one slightly different physical feature.

  • Last Frontier Channel
    Last Frontier Channel12 dagen geleden

    🦠🦠🦠🦠 films and another invasion movie.. I think the (owners) of the film industry wanna tell us something people

  • Rifan Ahmad
    Rifan Ahmad12 dagen geleden

    Hah, to many streaming service

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  • fish whisper
    fish whisper12 dagen geleden

    Gay Ass trailer! Probably a good movie but this trailer was not the way to go

  • Zulfuqar Huseynli
    Zulfuqar Huseynli12 dagen geleden

    That was godzilla :P

  • endorbr
    endorbr12 dagen geleden

    “Assuming direct control.”

    KIBA YAIBA12 dagen geleden

    Am I hallucinating or is it GODZILLA in the end of the trailer ??? 🤔

    IF I WERE12 dagen geleden

    I edit myself into movies and TV shows with green screen and this looks pretty cool. I’m thinking of editing myself into this movie!!! Any movie suggestions would be great!!

  • Tristan_0548 Gaming

    Tristan_0548 Gaming

    12 dagen geleden


  • the taskmaster
    the taskmaster12 dagen geleden

    1:44 it looks like a reaper from mass effect but smaller lol

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon12 dagen geleden

    Dr Grant?

  • Vicente Boero
    Vicente Boero12 dagen geleden

    This seems very interesting

  • Mark Cahill
    Mark Cahill12 dagen geleden

    GOJIRA !

  • MrGrandure
    MrGrandure12 dagen geleden

    Ok, I'm hyped

  • スノーマンK
    スノーマンK12 dagen geleden


  • proud man
    proud man12 dagen geleden

    Now ladies and gentlemen, thats how you make a Trailer. I am sold already.

  • Roshawn Tyler

    Roshawn Tyler

    10 dagen geleden


  • proud man

    proud man

    11 dagen geleden

    @Lebwon Goku lol. Yah. 🤣🤣

  • Lebwon Goku

    Lebwon Goku

    12 dagen geleden

    you must be one of the creators of this trailer 🤣

  • Mufasa


    12 dagen geleden


  • Grim Affiliations
    Grim Affiliations12 dagen geleden

    Won’t be long till they let us know aliens are real

  • watchmen617
    watchmen61712 dagen geleden


  • Eph Ravz
    Eph Ravz12 dagen geleden

    Holly Molly it's another Kaiju on the last part of the trailer 😳😳🤣🤣✌🏻✌🏻

  • Sathish Kumar
    Sathish Kumar12 dagen geleden

    Dubbed in tamil

  • Michael Mtshali
    Michael Mtshali12 dagen geleden

    Predictive proggraming, don't be surprise when this happens

  • Duron Arnold
    Duron Arnold12 dagen geleden

    This is giving me Arrival mixed with Sphere vibes

    NAKUL SHARMA . 4312 dagen geleden

    1:44 Godzilla ?



    12 dagen geleden

    Yes bro

  • KurinjikannanV
    KurinjikannanV12 dagen geleden

    14th comment 🥲🚶🏽‍♂️

  • Max Faf
    Max Faf12 dagen geleden

    Looks very interesting to me.

  • Romero2k
    Romero2k12 dagen geleden


  • Kane devvo
    Kane devvo12 dagen geleden

    How is the trailer only now coming out.. I've seen this already.🙃

  • Kane devvo

    Kane devvo

    12 dagen geleden

    @Duron Arnold not sure if black widow is out yet but I saw that almost a week ago too...

  • Kane devvo

    Kane devvo

    12 dagen geleden

    @Duron Arnold on a app I downloaded on fire stick mate

  • Duron Arnold

    Duron Arnold

    12 dagen geleden


  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers12 dagen geleden

    Love seeing Sam Neill acting again hes such an underrated actor

  • J N

    J N

    11 dagen geleden

    Yep he truly are Awesome IMO! Loved him in - The Mouth Of Madness! A must see movie and one of my favourites. Jurgen Pro---- whats his name is hmm - did hell of a good job to It's an John Carpenter movie. He is thre master of horror. Damn these days, as most movies are just total crap.

  • Michael Myers

    Michael Myers

    11 dagen geleden

    @Meta i feel like he could do any type of accent hes a versatile actor imo

  • Meta


    12 dagen geleden

    With a southern accent even!

  • MrGrandure


    12 dagen geleden

    The omen!

  • Nonversation
    Nonversation12 dagen geleden


  • Zain Bhatti
    Zain Bhatti12 dagen geleden

    What is it with the trailers having small previews before it actually starts lmao

  • Admiral Squirt

    Admiral Squirt

    12 dagen geleden

    Its to get people to continue watching the ad for when its on a place like youtube ads that has a 5 second timer

  • FilmStar Trailer
    FilmStar Trailer12 dagen geleden

    Enjoy the trailer for Invasion

  • xxMVCKAYxx Gaming
    xxMVCKAYxx Gaming12 dagen geleden

    well i was not expecting that

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer12 dagen geleden


  • Damaris Alison
    Damaris Alison12 dagen geleden


  • Christy Puev
    Christy Puev12 dagen geleden

    First comment, let’s go

  • luis L G
    luis L G12 dagen geleden

    Invasión 👀

  • Pg Cadigal
    Pg Cadigal12 dagen geleden

    First comment!

  • HBC Channel
    HBC Channel12 dagen geleden

    First comment

  • RCB fans club
    RCB fans club12 dagen geleden

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