JACKASS 4: Forever Trailer (2021)

Trailer for JACKASS 4: Forever


  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher11 uur geleden


  • Sweating Bullets680
    Sweating Bullets68022 uur geleden

    Of all the bad things we've lived through this year, this makes it worth it

  • The Mighty Orange
    The Mighty OrangeDag geleden

    Whattt... this is madness, their old men now haha, can't believe this is happening hahahahaha.

  • Steve Tyrell
    Steve TyrellDag geleden

    I'm boycotting this for Bam.

  • Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown2 dagen geleden

    Bam, I know you're watching this video. Please get help. Sincerely a long time Jack Ass fan.

  • The Jellyfish Jam
    The Jellyfish Jam2 dagen geleden

    Oh yeah, the boys still got it

  • 뽀쟁이tv
    뽀쟁이tv2 dagen geleden

    Looks awesome! Cant wait to see the movie but sure do miss BAM! Its like two and a half men without charlieee

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith2 dagen geleden

    This is going to be fucking awesome!!! I just hope Steve-O does more than cram things up his ass again.....unless it's something like a bicycle then that would be hilarious, but other than that Steve-O, my dude, I would much rather see you set yourself on fire and do clown things

  • GellyVelly
    GellyVelly2 dagen geleden

    I notice Bam isn't in the trailer? Is there any story behind that? Is he upset about it? Naw...im sure he's not upset or anything.

  • handsomevex coolsman
    handsomevex coolsman2 dagen geleden

    The good old days FUN! 👌

  • sweettwiny
    sweettwiny2 dagen geleden

    these guys are like bond in seven deadly sins lol

  • sweettwiny
    sweettwiny2 dagen geleden

    The barrel and ramp got me, no lie LOL

  • scottyK _CDVI
    scottyK _CDVI2 dagen geleden

    The bicycle intto the fake walkway wall killed me 😂😂😂😂

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi2 dagen geleden

    I'm so pumped man

  • johncookiedoee
    johncookiedoee2 dagen geleden

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes!!! 😃

  • jones street
    jones street3 dagen geleden

    not the same without bam

  • Trawizz


    2 dagen geleden

    It can only get better without him.

  • Virginia Dare
    Virginia Dare3 dagen geleden

    Just what the world needs.

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte3 dagen geleden

    Just not the same without bam and Dunn :(

  • Revenge42
    Revenge423 dagen geleden

    I've missed them so much 😄🥰❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Cwood
    Cwood3 dagen geleden

    Everyone jus copying this trailer ever since Steve o post it lol 😆

  • Lee Claxton
    Lee Claxton3 dagen geleden

    wow Knoxville is so grey

  • John Mac
    John Mac3 dagen geleden

    I guess there's no bam

  • Yeah Okay

    Yeah Okay

    3 dagen geleden

    Too fucked up

  • Cali dancer
    Cali dancer3 dagen geleden

    2:16 the face of instant regret 😂 can’t wait to watch this

  • Jordan Lacayo
    Jordan Lacayo3 dagen geleden

    “Hello I am Johnny Knoxville & welcome to Jackass” Just hearing that made me smile

  • Jmoney Soto
    Jmoney Soto3 dagen geleden

    I just wanna know how the fuck did jasper make the jackass crew🤔🤦🏻‍♂️

  • CJ 4
    CJ 43 dagen geleden

    Can’t fkn wait 🔥🔥

  • juan trujillo
    juan trujillo3 dagen geleden

    Wow you guys where in Castaic lake 👍👍

  • LucasDan83
    LucasDan833 dagen geleden

    Where’s bam???

  • N M
    N M3 dagen geleden

    Man it's been so long

  • RxTim
    RxTim3 dagen geleden

    where's bam

  • Vinyl Athletes
    Vinyl Athletes3 dagen geleden

    Steve O looks like Alfred E Newman 😂

  • Rick James
    Rick James3 dagen geleden

    Bam missed the party because he is still can't handle his beer .

  • Adam Cummings

    Adam Cummings

    3 dagen geleden

    Bam is also pos.

  • Jay Shuffleboson
    Jay Shuffleboson3 dagen geleden


  • J.D. Mc.
    J.D. Mc.3 dagen geleden

    Ball to the nutz. You could tell by her reaction she had been dreaming of doing that to a guy for a LOOOOONG time. 🤣👍🏻

  • Thurman Merman
    Thurman Merman3 dagen geleden

    Who needs this when i could just watch random people on NLdron doing the same shit for free... Hard Pass.

  • satansclaw66
    satansclaw663 dagen geleden


  • JustWalk Away
    JustWalk Away3 dagen geleden

    This actually looks fun no woke bullshit just fun.

  • JustWalk Away

    JustWalk Away

    3 dagen geleden

    @DrGonZo NaWaK because woke is blatant and not natural. No longer can a story just be good it has be subversive with a made up gender or random color inserted on screen. This is old school fun without nonsense.

  • DrGonZo NaWaK

    DrGonZo NaWaK

    3 dagen geleden

    People that complains about woke are the one always bring it up

  • Thanks Again
    Thanks Again3 dagen geleden

    Yes I’m definitely waisting my money on this…and I’m gonna love every minute of it

  • JustSomeGamer
    JustSomeGamer3 dagen geleden

    This was the most kick ass thing to see on my birthday

  • A ry
    A ry3 dagen geleden

    It’s gonna really bum me out that Bam isn’t gonna be in this film. He was one of my favorites. I hope he gets help and finds peace with himself.

  • DrGonZo NaWaK

    DrGonZo NaWaK

    3 dagen geleden

    To be honest it would have been weirder if he was in the movie because today’s bam has nothing to do with old bam. Old bam was a cool handsome pro skateboarder who manage to make goth look fuckin cool. Today’s bam is a fat alcoholic who is an absolute mix of cringe and embarrassment.

  • Chris Leyva
    Chris Leyva3 dagen geleden

    I didn't see bam that sucks

  • Travel With Sonsu Girl
    Travel With Sonsu Girl3 dagen geleden


  • Josh Montgomery
    Josh Montgomery3 dagen geleden

    I love these guys so much

  • The Need 80g
    The Need 80g3 dagen geleden

    No Bam

  • Trawizz


    2 dagen geleden

    Luckily. He is such a jerk.

  • Acrylier
    Acrylier3 dagen geleden

    This better be 4k

  • MM
    MM3 dagen geleden

    Bam Margera hates this show.

  • Not Bill Gates
    Not Bill Gates3 dagen geleden

    Gang gang -Theo Von

  • Mark Moore
    Mark Moore3 dagen geleden

    Man.. I feel sad. Seeing Rake Yohn and the old clips. Life used to be so carefree.. I miss that.

  • Jason Bennett

    Jason Bennett

    3 dagen geleden

    Well said. The world these days have forgotten how to laugh. These guys haven't forgotten how. Feels good to laugh again.

  • Eliseo s.
    Eliseo s.3 dagen geleden

    At :37 "what will jackass be like once were older well it'll be more mature" ..... best part of the trailer

  • Kevin Qerimi
    Kevin Qerimi3 dagen geleden

    Ahhh takes me back :)

  • maxnetir timon
    maxnetir timon3 dagen geleden

    who da fu*^ck are these guys they're maniac

  • Brohim
    Brohim3 dagen geleden

    The boys are back!!! This is gonna be awesome.

  • Alter_Const
    Alter_Const3 dagen geleden

    Thanks for my childhood, fellas

  • Victor Isaev
    Victor Isaev3 dagen geleden

    no freaking way a fourth jackass movie never thought i'd see the day

  • Robert Charles
    Robert Charles3 dagen geleden

    Bam they barebacked you bud. Ouch

  • diego zilla
    diego zilla3 dagen geleden

    Fuck yes

  • 03 AI
    03 AI3 dagen geleden

    Wow, what a nostalgic series.

  • TemPlar Tube
    TemPlar Tube3 dagen geleden

    Wished that danny duncan could be in jackass 4 👍🏻

  • Denise M. Faraday
    Denise M. Faraday4 dagen geleden

    2:10 -> The way that dude said 'Oh My God', I laughed hysterically...

  • Alpine619


    Dag geleden

    That’s danger ehren! Not “that dude”

  • No one: Absolutely no one:

    No one: Absolutely no one:

    3 dagen geleden


  • No one: Absolutely no one:

    No one: Absolutely no one:

    3 dagen geleden

    Sounds fake

  • Darren Gray

    Darren Gray

    3 dagen geleden

    Safety first!

  • Ryan Kats
    Ryan Kats4 dagen geleden

    They fucked over Bam. Pretty shitty

  • Jesse Ramirez
    Jesse Ramirez4 dagen geleden


  • Mr Stifler
    Mr Stifler4 dagen geleden

    No bam = okay movie. Bam and Ryan were the best on the jackass series.

  • Tyler Keown
    Tyler Keown4 dagen geleden

    Zackass is in it?? Hell yeah! Love that guy, been following him since his fb video days! Pumped to see this. 🙂

  • Wild About Nature
    Wild About Nature4 dagen geleden

    Yeah let’s go out with a bang, the world is literally on fire and flooding left right and centre but all you ignorant selfish nihilists go ahead and enjoy this utter tripe while humanity and nature gasps it’s last breath!

  • L1GHT
    L1GHT4 dagen geleden

    hearing that song in the beginning gives me the chills man🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • kapitancieno
    kapitancieno4 dagen geleden

    Can't wait 👍👍👍🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • peach tiddies
    peach tiddies4 dagen geleden

    It's not going to be the same without Ryan (and Bam) but I'm down down for the ride as always.

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez4 dagen geleden

    Yeeesss 🤣🤣

  • felix hartmann
    felix hartmann4 dagen geleden

    I’m surprised they making a new jackass movie but happy to see stupid pranks have not died out

  • Александр
    Александр4 dagen geleden


    JOE PAZTRANA MELENDEZ4 dagen geleden

    Como se llama la rola del intro

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers4 dagen geleden

    Ugh i miss Ryan Dunn so much

  • jp
    jp4 dagen geleden

    The fun is never Dunn

  • Dj Skinz
    Dj Skinz4 dagen geleden

    The boys are back🤣

  • alec Sanders
    alec Sanders4 dagen geleden

    This looks awesome!

  • it's Manley
    it's Manley4 dagen geleden

    This is probably gonna be the best one. RIP to Ryan

  • Adam Turner

    Adam Turner

    4 dagen geleden

    What? ... without the dirty CKY crew? Nope

  • Matt Firth
    Matt Firth4 dagen geleden

    Cant wait for the jackass where johnny doesnt have to dress up as an old person

  • Joost Wasbauer
    Joost Wasbauer4 dagen geleden

    Thank you ! ! ! !

  • YouTube Censorship
    YouTube Censorship4 dagen geleden

    It’s not the same without Bam or Ryan the guys who created the genre

  • Marcus gomez
    Marcus gomez4 dagen geleden

    This is my fucking childhood

  • Jesús Angelo Garcia
    Jesús Angelo Garcia4 dagen geleden

    When is going to came out ?

  • Ahmad Bonami
    Ahmad Bonami4 dagen geleden

    Wow *speechless

  • Skonail
    Skonail4 dagen geleden

    Is this a new jack ass??? Cuz I'm really surprised to see this

  • Mr_Face
    Mr_Face4 dagen geleden


  • Saint Lavender
    Saint Lavender4 dagen geleden

    Ya'll are so shitty to Bam 😞

    FELIPE CRUZ4 dagen geleden


  • BritishBoy 123
    BritishBoy 1234 dagen geleden

    Looks shit

  • Robert Lowes
    Robert Lowes4 dagen geleden

    I will forever love Jackass

  • Baph the Guy
    Baph the Guy4 dagen geleden

    Fuck yes!!! They got Eric Andre on this bitch too this is gonna be dope!!!

  • War Daddy

    War Daddy

    3 dagen geleden

    I think shaq was gonna do something too I saw him in the cast list he also said he wanted to be in it

  • Jerry yap
    Jerry yap4 dagen geleden

    The world needs this right now. Haha

  • Diego Riviere
    Diego Riviere4 dagen geleden


  • Jose Dias
    Jose Dias4 dagen geleden

    I've watched JACKASS 2.1 ITS HILARIOUS

  • HurzkGaming
    HurzkGaming4 dagen geleden

    too bad bam is not with you guys

  • Jose Dias
    Jose Dias4 dagen geleden


  • IMGoodTv
    IMGoodTv4 dagen geleden

    Oh yeah 😂🤣💯

  • Greek Millenial
    Greek Millenial4 dagen geleden

    Sucks Bam won’t be in it. He supposedly filmed and participated in the stunt at 1:43 before he was fired

  • Greek Millenial

    Greek Millenial

    4 dagen geleden

    Agreed. It sucks things went the way they did due to his behavior

  • Batty Koda

    Batty Koda

    4 dagen geleden

    If you agree to something and don't follow through, that's quitting

  • fish whisper
    fish whisper4 dagen geleden

    No Bam?

  • ballztodawallz87


    3 dagen geleden

    bams a man child

  • iee4g6


    4 dagen geleden

    That’s right. Couldn’t meet the terms of his contract to be in the film.

  • Got a Problem?
    Got a Problem?4 dagen geleden

    Oh hell nah. A fuckin bear 😭😭

  • Pluralisme IND
    Pluralisme IND4 dagen geleden

    The Legend is back

  • Roy Tebalek
    Roy Tebalek4 dagen geleden

    Jackie Chan but white