MALIGNANT Trailer (2021)

Trailer for MALIGNANT


  • R Covet
    R Covet17 uur geleden

    Hmmm looks very interesting but I hope there’s a lot more to it. Gave quite a lot away in the trailer. Like Insidious and Saw, I hope there’s a really good shocking twist at the end. It’s been 17 years since the release of the first Saw movie, and I’m still in shock by the end of that film. I need that shock factor in a movie again.

  • Davee Dee
    Davee Dee17 uur geleden

    0:22 GREY'S ANATOMY!

    PRAKASH P18 uur geleden

    Its like as lights out film..

  • nhatminh pham
    nhatminh pham19 uur geleden

    Plot twist: It's herself, or maybe her dark side ? :)))

  • nijO ?
    nijO ?Dag geleden

    another overwhelmingly idiotic CGI horror movie. why can't they make more movies like Hereditary/ the blair witch project/ Paranormal Activity, The Exorcist. be a bit realistic up in this bitchass. who'd go for this in 2021? probably 40% of the dumb population or 12 year old kids.

  • Josh Karian
    Josh KarianDag geleden

    I'm a simple man, I see James Wan I click

  • sanjay tseone
    sanjay tseoneDag geleden

    Aisa movie Aata hi nahin jisse mujhe Dara sake yaar aaja aaja yaar India Walon Bollywood Walon movie kya kar raha hai

  • sanjay tseone
    sanjay tseoneDag geleden

    Yeah one more I like horror movies yes yes yes yes I need this kind of movies more and more for entertainment enjoying

  • Jose Benitez
    Jose BenitezDag geleden

    I'm still waiting for Antlers

  • J N
    J NDag geleden

    Anyone else getting sleep paralysis vibes?

  • omibg bridge
    omibg bridge2 dagen geleden

    Full story revealed in trailer, no suspens remain.

  • gabriel-mercer41
    gabriel-mercer412 dagen geleden

    I'm going to get her

  • Faith Worldleader
    Faith Worldleader2 dagen geleden

    Oh, God, I was thinking the actress's face was just too deadpan or botoxed to express enough emotion to carry this movie and then I look it up on IMDB and realized it is Grace from Peaky Blinders who can bring any show or movie to a screeching halt by her mere presence.

  • Karan M
    Karan M2 dagen geleden

    This shit is twisted 👍👌

  • Justin Carter
    Justin Carter2 dagen geleden

    Is this Devil May Cry?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Larry Robinson
    Larry Robinson2 dagen geleden

    I gotta see this.

  • Abby Sheyba
    Abby Sheyba2 dagen geleden

    It gives me MAMA vibes, just nonstop terror with a powerful storyline

  • Aashish Joshi
    Aashish Joshi2 dagen geleden

    Feels better than conjuring 3

  • Disavowal F
    Disavowal F2 dagen geleden

    What a sack of turds...!!!

  • Levitos
    Levitos2 dagen geleden

    The title looks just like stranger things at the ending

    BROS GAMING2 dagen geleden

    Holy Sugar Honey Iced Tea !

  • Surya Prakash
    Surya Prakash2 dagen geleden

    Waiting to watch 😀❤️👍

  • Arvid
    Arvid2 dagen geleden

    I feel like this is gonne be a flop

  • Tim King
    Tim King2 dagen geleden

    Sounds a lot like the story line to hideaway.

  • Serge Crevier
    Serge Crevier2 dagen geleden

    Even in this trailer, the main actress looks pretty bad. Artificial to the max!

  • Sean Austin
    Sean Austin2 dagen geleden

    Looks terrifying

  • Devon L
    Devon L2 dagen geleden

    New DBD content?

  • Marcus B.
    Marcus B.2 dagen geleden

    Wow. Seriously James... Another Wan?

  • Taylor Del Rey
    Taylor Del Rey2 dagen geleden

    James Wan doesn't understand horror any better Jason Blum. The only thing he understands is profiting off movie-goers naivety and desperation for anything that isn't Marvel or Star Wars.

  • Rickie Bradbury
    Rickie Bradbury2 dagen geleden

    Just get Tommy shelby at him

  • Aaron Flick
    Aaron Flick2 dagen geleden

    Looks pretty good.

  • Shazad Sadiq
    Shazad Sadiq2 dagen geleden

    Who are you Gabriel?? Im Gabriel…

  • digitalawe
    digitalawe2 dagen geleden

    james wan is back baby!!!

  • AnZu
    AnZu3 dagen geleden

    Looks very good

  • Ben Sahar
    Ben Sahar3 dagen geleden

    Wish I was 10 so this crap could scare me a little bit



    2 dagen geleden


  • Sm canal Bell
    Sm canal Bell3 dagen geleden


    KIDROBOT43 dagen geleden


  • Gillyfluffball
    Gillyfluffball3 dagen geleden

    This looks so creepy

  • O.G. Shy
    O.G. Shy3 dagen geleden

    Nope.... Not watching this......✌🏿

  • Peter Dang
    Peter Dang3 dagen geleden

    Wonder if she's tired of horror movies yet. Lol

  • Jon Slater
    Jon Slater3 dagen geleden

    Portions of the film based on actual events in Seattle WA. Well, this is interesting.

  • Modern Minkus Productions
    Modern Minkus Productions3 dagen geleden

    Adam's back to fight Gabriel? So this is a backdoor Supernatural spin-off, right?

  • Darkkasuga
    Darkkasuga3 dagen geleden

    If it’s not like lights out I’m in

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee3 dagen geleden

    Looks great

  • Krishna Chaitanya
    Krishna Chaitanya3 dagen geleden

    I love you Grace ❤

  • Stephen Mwiti
    Stephen Mwiti3 dagen geleden

    Prepare for an epic twist

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere3 dagen geleden

    finally Undertaker got a place in movie

  • DarkTiTanZ
    DarkTiTanZ3 dagen geleden

    Had some SAMARA from the “RING” ViBez

  • Louie Abejo
    Louie Abejo3 dagen geleden

    Seems like "Maligno". The story of.

  • 16 Janeiro 1993 RocketMan
    16 Janeiro 1993 RocketMan3 dagen geleden

    They are in Seattle I Guess

  • 16 Janeiro 1993 RocketMan
    16 Janeiro 1993 RocketMan3 dagen geleden

    Insidious The Conjuring Now this Cant wait

  • Kavita Tiwari
    Kavita Tiwari3 dagen geleden

    Another JAMES WAN masterpiece is on the way!!!

  • Arastu
    Arastu3 dagen geleden

    Sick of this JW bullshit...that shit is too overrated! the way that first scene, where the room is shifting is the most unoriginal sequence I have ever witnessed F-uped CGI crap

  • Siddharth Pareek
    Siddharth Pareek3 dagen geleden

    James Wan+Joseph Bishara ❣️

  • Movie World
    Movie World3 dagen geleden

    James wan always give his best of best

  • vivek bannu
    vivek bannu3 dagen geleden

    Sleep paralysis .. last shot

  • Dyllan Rodriguez
    Dyllan Rodriguez3 dagen geleden

    I’m sold. Horror like this were the supernatural and fantasy feel just come together so well is what I love most in horror. That’s the kind of stuff I want to see, bet your ass I’m there day one.

  • Yautja
    Yautja3 dagen geleden

    Lady: what do you want? Malignant: a Chemotherapy

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow3 dagen geleden

    Looks good, but better be worth James the fact that James missed out on Conjuring 3 for this one

  • The Citizens

    The Citizens

    Dag geleden

    I think he said himself he didn't want to direct conjuring 3. He likes to do that. Look at insidious

  • Hot Girls Video XXX
    Hot Girls Video XXX3 dagen geleden

    Blue sea with white sand, waves in harmony with love

  • kotal john
    kotal john3 dagen geleden

    Talk about sleep paralysis

  • Worls Stalbord
    Worls Stalbord3 dagen geleden

    I've seen James wan create some amazing horror movie universes this one looks a little weird but his resume speaks for itself I will be attending

  • Ajnur Agusi
    Ajnur Agusi3 dagen geleden

    James wan shit im in

  • Adi Chitturi
    Adi Chitturi3 dagen geleden

    The devil needs to change his mobile network ASAP



    2 dagen geleden


  • John Bush
    John Bush3 dagen geleden

    Right, watched the trailer. ...and so I'll be sleeping with the lights on...after checking under the bed, of course. 😳

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez3 dagen geleden


  • Umam Msydd
    Umam Msydd3 dagen geleden

    Seems like gabrielle will be another mimic

  • Luke Thigh walker
    Luke Thigh walker3 dagen geleden

    James Wan has different vision, I like his direction 👍

  • Jerret Cain
    Jerret Cain3 dagen geleden

    Hmmmmmm I wonder who Gabriel is?……Oooh it’s our beautiful protagonist! Shocking twist!

  • Hif46
    Hif463 dagen geleden

    I felt goosebumps up my chest 😆🥵

  • Jonathan Rayne
    Jonathan Rayne3 dagen geleden

    Looks complicated.

  • GabesaNinja
    GabesaNinja3 dagen geleden

    1:15 If she said "is he your guardian angel?" that would've been a pretty good question to the next follow up scene.

  • Elijah Lavigne

    Elijah Lavigne

    4 uur geleden

    that’s where i thought they were taking it

  • Mr Ahshanullah

    Mr Ahshanullah

    3 dagen geleden


  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield3 dagen geleden

    I've been wanting for a trailer for this and it delivered 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 James Wan did it again his cinematography and visuals for this movie . Now the only to say is SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

  • Freddy Everett
    Freddy Everett3 dagen geleden

    Oh nah

  • CodBuddy
    CodBuddy3 dagen geleden

    She is the Gabriel herself.

  • Drew Whitfield
    Drew Whitfield3 dagen geleden

    All these movies seem the same to me.. looks average ssf

  • SONU C
    SONU C3 dagen geleden

    Oh !! Hello Grace...

  • Justin C
    Justin C3 dagen geleden

    Anything that's a practical effect would be nice

  • pitchingwedge


    2 dagen geleden

    There's plenty. Look closer.

  • DreamCraft Raffa
    DreamCraft Raffa3 dagen geleden

    I really miss the horror with original plot And james wan is the only man who can do it

  • Angie Shines
    Angie Shines3 dagen geleden

    Looks promising!

  • Dee Mos
    Dee Mos3 dagen geleden

    A mix of Freddy and Myers. Freddy Myers.

  • A Rich
    A Rich3 dagen geleden

    Man WB fucking up not allowing him to do the movie about the Trench from aquaman😓

  • Adam Kevorkian

    Adam Kevorkian

    Dag geleden

    @The Citizens not only did he want to do it, they originally green lit the project. A lot of fans thought it would be pointless, but I think for a quick 1 and a half or a limited series, you could really make something special. Unfortunately they canceled it.

  • The Citizens

    The Citizens

    Dag geleden

    Wait is He really wants to do that ? I see the imaginary in aqua man and thought that is creepy & cool shot. Didn't know he want to do a spin off to that.

  • Adam Kevorkian

    Adam Kevorkian

    2 dagen geleden

    WB doing a lot of that these days.

  • shadowthebestone
    shadowthebestone3 dagen geleden

    Well it’s James Wan so it’s gonna be good!

  • Printz Keem
    Printz Keem3 dagen geleden

    Probably not exactly the same but seems a little like the movie “Z”

  • jonathan cortez
    jonathan cortez3 dagen geleden

    Looks horrible. Get it?

  • Pyrisk
    Pyrisk3 dagen geleden

    Eh idk. Looks like it's going to try to do to many things

  • amy li
    amy li3 dagen geleden

    The movie looked like so many movies the people commented here and to me the transformation of the room reminded me of 'The Call' south Korean Netflix movie from last year too.

  • Mohd Hafidz
    Mohd Hafidz3 dagen geleden

    a demon with serial killer complex, damn,

  • Kelley Carter
    Kelley Carter3 dagen geleden

    Reminds me of the trailer for "Daniel isn't real"

  • Syria Wilson
    Syria Wilson3 dagen geleden

    I love thriller movies like this. It reminds me of the movie “I know who killed me” with Lindsay Lohan

  • Alan Foxman
    Alan Foxman3 dagen geleden

    Calling it now...It's all really her because of a tumor in her brain which turns out to be a twin she absorbed in the womb before she was born.

  • Jayarie
    Jayarie3 dagen geleden

    Seems like several things going on here

  • Joppa z
    Joppa z3 dagen geleden

    Minority report

  • Cam
    Cam3 dagen geleden

    Bad shroom trip

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says3 dagen geleden

    There's no demon involved in this movie because I didn't one...they're usually in black uniform with a white little strip under the neck sent by Satan in rome. Their title is catholic and I didn't see any this time

  • sonsofsparda22
    sonsofsparda223 dagen geleden

    Meh? Imaginary friend becomes not so nice. It's like evil drop dead fred

  • Nosh Gaming
    Nosh Gaming3 dagen geleden

    1:54 Give the editor of this trailer a raise

  • MarcVanDamme
    MarcVanDamme3 dagen geleden

    Iam a simple man, i see James Wan, i like.

  • The Truth Serum
    The Truth Serum3 dagen geleden

    This looks good, but I can’t help, but feel this reminds of the film Come Play or Z

    NANS TLC3 dagen geleden

    Another generic supernatural “horror” movie shat into existence. This genre has been DOA for years now