RISEN Trailer (2021)

Trailer for RISEN


  • Conrad Poos
    Conrad Poos2 dagen geleden

    Straight to Redbox

  • WineNot
    WineNot2 dagen geleden

    error: alien is undefined function speakAlien() { let alien = newHuman};

  • Jeremy Sears
    Jeremy Sears3 dagen geleden

    I hope this ending of GOT is better than the last one

  • Morrison James
    Morrison James3 dagen geleden

    Spoiler: The lead female Dr. Lauren Stone was abducted by aliens as a child and transformed. She is the one who invites the aliens to the earth. Simple!

    SIDDHARTH3 dagen geleden

    Release date??

  • Katy MacCoy
    Katy MacCoy4 dagen geleden

    Body snatchers 2020

    JEREMY WESLEY5 dagen geleden

    More and more conditioning and propaganda, telling us the truth right in our faces

  • Richard Gough

    Richard Gough

    4 dagen geleden


    DARK MAN6 dagen geleden

    looks good

  • notvangogh
    notvangogh6 dagen geleden

    Nope had enough almost civilization ending stuff for a few year….

  • Edward
    Edward7 dagen geleden

    I don't think this movie will be released globally.

  • Kashif Jamal
    Kashif Jamal7 dagen geleden

    White Walkers walk again!

  • C E
    C E8 dagen geleden

    Oh, more zombies. Great..

  • Raze of Valorant /\/\/\/
    Raze of Valorant /\/\/\/9 dagen geleden

    White walkers in GOT - we deserve more... Eddie Arya - okay..

  • SouL
    SouL9 dagen geleden

    That Kind of Aliens... 😵😵

  • Shane Buck
    Shane Buck9 dagen geleden

    This looks like a 4.7 on IMDB lol

  • Sunny Sharma
    Sunny Sharma9 dagen geleden

    Winter is coming .....Arya where are you..

  • Ran_ taero
    Ran_ taero9 dagen geleden

    is it some kind of a lovecraftion story?

  • IAmTheShank
    IAmTheShank9 dagen geleden

    Did white walkers just time travelled with advance technology and knowledge??? Where is Arya???

  • Athul Das
    Athul Das9 dagen geleden

    Welcome to today's episode of mid year surprise.

  • The Bad Guys
    The Bad Guys9 dagen geleden

    well i hope these white walkers get a better climax

  • Bada Bing
    Bada Bing9 dagen geleden

    Better backstory in two minutes to the white walkers than game of thrones managed in a decade.

  • Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden9 dagen geleden

    Notice how the yanks always have to use guns.. So primitive.

  • Amédée Boulette
    Amédée Boulette9 dagen geleden

    « It’s a meteorite, it appears to have just hit and dissolve into the soil ».... yeah, that’s the definition of a « meteorite » entering atmosphere or colliding with the ground....

  • Dr Bendover
    Dr Bendover9 dagen geleden

    Just another body snatchers movie:)

  • Lilly Rey
    Lilly Rey9 dagen geleden

    Why does this remind me of annihilation?

  • Aidan Fernandez
    Aidan Fernandez9 dagen geleden

    Isn't there already a movie called Risen 🙄

  • mosilhy
    mosilhy9 dagen geleden

    Winter is comiinng

  • Sweet Calcium
    Sweet Calcium9 dagen geleden

    0:15 bruh that's not how you pray lmao that's rapping

  • Rick Clark
    Rick Clark9 dagen geleden

    Reminds me of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

  • Manny Amato
    Manny Amato9 dagen geleden

    Different. I’m game

  • Lucifer Diablo
    Lucifer Diablo9 dagen geleden

    So it’s the white walkers from space but in modern times?

  • Acheiropoietos
    Acheiropoietos9 dagen geleden

    the narcisstic voiceovers are a dead giveaway

  • バカカバ


    9 dagen geleden

    What do you mean? A dead giveaway of what?

  • Mr ceejay
    Mr ceejay9 dagen geleden

    Looks good

  • Sgarnon
    Sgarnon10 dagen geleden

    AMD going a different direction with their ads

  • N4TEOnFir3
    N4TEOnFir310 dagen geleden

    This is weird asf

  • Xorn
    Xorn10 dagen geleden

    The game

  • bradn56
    bradn5610 dagen geleden

    The end of days? Bro we already saw that with Arnold.

  • Daniel Bradler
    Daniel Bradler10 dagen geleden


    COOPER'S CICHILDS10 dagen geleden

    😎cool 😎

  • EinieN J
    EinieN J10 dagen geleden

    Interesting.. will definitely be watching.. but, they show a bit too much in these trailers..

  • Odeyemi Opeyemi Samuel

    Odeyemi Opeyemi Samuel

    9 dagen geleden

    Do you have an idea when it will be ready for download

  • Evron Mason
    Evron Mason10 dagen geleden

    On-demand August 20, 2021

  • Adam Katalak
    Adam Katalak10 dagen geleden

    Hmmm...could be a decent rental...lol

  • Lokra
    Lokra10 dagen geleden

    Preprogramming ... again, with their movies. First comparison for the vaccines, that they put something else, then an alien invasion... pathetic attempt again.

  • killer boy
    killer boy10 dagen geleden

    alien boom is on

  • Francesco Tonini
    Francesco Tonini10 dagen geleden

    Boring trash

  • WarriorWeaponWorks
    WarriorWeaponWorks10 dagen geleden

    I thought Arya killed the nights king and all the white walkers were gone. 🤔

  • Teobaldo Mercado

    Teobaldo Mercado

    6 dagen geleden


  • sands journey

    sands journey

    9 dagen geleden

    I was thinking the same,lol.

    IF I WERE10 dagen geleden

    I edit myself into movies and TV shows and me personally I loved this movie. I might end up editing myself into this one.

  • satansclaw66


    9 dagen geleden

    yes get a life



    9 dagen geleden

    @80s Boombox Collector thanks 🙏🏾

  • 80s Boombox Collector

    80s Boombox Collector

    9 dagen geleden

    Uh, congratulations

  • Deni ilham
    Deni ilham10 dagen geleden


  • Sandra schönberg
    Sandra schönberg10 dagen geleden

    haha no to this

  • Sean G
    Sean G10 dagen geleden

    Dragonglass can deal with that.

  • Nigel Calpe

    Nigel Calpe

    5 dagen geleden

    ah you must from the north since you remember

  • Henry Cordy

    Henry Cordy

    6 dagen geleden

    Genius. Was just trying to think along the same lines haha

  • Churn02.
    Churn02.10 dagen geleden

    Damn white walkers are back

    TIAGO SILVA10 dagen geleden

    Hollywood…has always They are preparing ppl ….

  • Eric's
    Eric's10 dagen geleden

    White walker? Is that you?

  • Swapnil's Timeline
    Swapnil's Timeline10 dagen geleden


    HITMAN10 dagen geleden

    Love ur videos

  • Horacio Gonzalez
    Horacio Gonzalez10 dagen geleden

    Black goo

  • Michu324
    Michu32410 dagen geleden

    I thought this was trailer from game risen...

  • Angel Salazar
    Angel Salazar10 dagen geleden

    Se ve genial lla con ganas de verla espero que esté buena como se ve

  • eddie Towers
    eddie Towers10 dagen geleden

    So, wait...they're playing Americans via of voiceovers?

  • Loris Baumann
    Loris Baumann10 dagen geleden

    Looks like a bad version of arrival haha

  • fnf solo
    fnf solo10 dagen geleden

    They telling us different ways the world is going to end

  • 80s Boombox Collector

    80s Boombox Collector

    9 dagen geleden


  • Anthony Arcanum Sanctum Regnum

    Anthony Arcanum Sanctum Regnum

    10 dagen geleden

    It's all warnings, they know the truth and give us ideas etc.

  • Emmanuel Domond
    Emmanuel Domond10 dagen geleden


  • Horror Genre Fanatic
    Horror Genre Fanatic10 dagen geleden

    alien zombie invasion?

  • Eren Yiğit
    Eren Yiğit10 dagen geleden

    looks like arrival × cloverfield

  • Fail Time
    Fail Time10 dagen geleden

    I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ...

  • Krishna Kulthe
    Krishna Kulthe10 dagen geleden

    Double in hindi

  • Lamented Bliss64
    Lamented Bliss6410 dagen geleden

    lol they tried really hard with this trailer

  • Недялко Ангелов

    Недялко Ангелов

    9 dagen geleden

    @Try ME Because what they did is pathetic.

  • Try ME

    Try ME

    9 dagen geleden

    How is that funny tho?

  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan10 dagen geleden

    Means the time is near ... The Rise of One eye man ... Who will have the control for sometime

  • Keepin It Real 💯
    Keepin It Real 💯10 dagen geleden

    Arrival meets The Color from outer space

  • In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic
    In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic10 dagen geleden

    This looks like a legit new idea

  • 80s Boombox Collector

    80s Boombox Collector

    9 dagen geleden

    Who cares if it's not completely original? Are any of the superhero movies original?

  • sabersaw5611


    9 dagen geleden

    I can taste the sarcasm

  • mosilhy


    9 dagen geleden

    @Rev Jragon the Independence day.. the alien spoke to the troops through the US president body.. so yeah.. pretty original

  • Daniel Bradler

    Daniel Bradler

    10 dagen geleden

    Are you high?

  • Oludare Omojogberun

    Oludare Omojogberun

    10 dagen geleden

    @Rev Jragon he's being sarcastic

  • Adekunle Boboye
    Adekunle Boboye10 dagen geleden

    Pretty decent

  • iamIshan9700
    iamIshan970010 dagen geleden


  • Anonymous H

    Anonymous H

    9 dagen geleden

    Nothing like arrival!

  • Mr. D Jenkins

    Mr. D Jenkins

    10 dagen geleden


  • Ilere Neae
    Ilere Neae10 dagen geleden

    Prepare yo urаnus

  • Tareq Ahmed Mojumder
    Tareq Ahmed Mojumder10 dagen geleden


  • Griffin Deontrance
    Griffin Deontrance10 dagen geleden

    I feel like this should be a mini series rather than a movie

  • PGJ 007

    PGJ 007

    21 uur geleden

    @Griffin Deontrance What I meant to say is I just don’t understand people with emotional disabilities. I hope I didn’t hurt your little feelings.

  • Griffin Deontrance

    Griffin Deontrance

    Dag geleden

    @PGJ 007 No worries, I know people with mental disabilities need a little bit more explanation than others

  • PGJ 007

    PGJ 007

    Dag geleden

    @Griffin Deontrance i’m sorry I just didn’t understand your little feelings

  • Griffin Deontrance

    Griffin Deontrance

    Dag geleden

    @PGJ 007 I feel like there was no need to comment that

  • PGJ 007

    PGJ 007

    Dag geleden

    “I feel” what does that even mean?

  • Harsh chaudhary
    Harsh chaudhary10 dagen geleden


    SMAUG10 dagen geleden


  • Binu Krishnan

    Binu Krishnan

    10 dagen geleden

    Wow.. Trailer shows the movie will be worth watching

  • MD over
    MD over10 dagen geleden


  • white Devil
    white Devil10 dagen geleden

    Wow 2021 blockbuster movie

  • Aashish kumar
    Aashish kumar10 dagen geleden


  • MD Mustafa Strange
    MD Mustafa Strange10 dagen geleden

    Not goodp

  • Bertuğ'un Kanalı
    Bertuğ'un Kanalı10 dagen geleden


  • All Rounder 619
    All Rounder 61910 dagen geleden


  • Bertuğ'un Kanalı
    Bertuğ'un Kanalı10 dagen geleden


  • Jaylyn Buchanan
    Jaylyn Buchanan10 dagen geleden