SNAKE EYES: G.I. Joe Origins Final Trailer (2021)

Final trailer for Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins


  • FeltClover
    FeltClover3 dagen geleden

    Easily the best trailer for the movie

  • Dr Bendover
    Dr Bendover4 dagen geleden

    GI Joe or GI Jong❓

  • Charles Kim
    Charles Kim4 dagen geleden

    He is has a cool suit and helmet.

  • Krazi
    Krazi4 dagen geleden

    He needs a Family -Dom

  • Rashel Jackson
    Rashel Jackson4 dagen geleden

    Love it 😍 Can’t wait to see this!

  • Robert Buth
    Robert Buth4 dagen geleden

    So storm shadow recruited Snake eyes? I actually didn't know that.

  • Korewu Ash
    Korewu Ash4 dagen geleden

    Red bend?

  • malindarayallen
    malindarayallen5 dagen geleden

    Snake Eyes was always my favorite Joe. And adding Iko Uwais is the cherry on top. 🥷🍒

  • 2girly
    2girly5 dagen geleden

    I used to think Snake eyes was a born mute and was trained to be a ninja because he was quiet which made him more appealing. Can't wait to see this movie

  • strong
    strong5 dagen geleden

    Wow wow fire 🚒🔥🔥 can't wait. This movie I think is winner of 2021

  • Angelico Argosino
    Angelico Argosino5 dagen geleden

    So what will be the verdict for Marvel Shang-Chi's action sequences. Let us see how it will differ from Snake Eyes coming soon... both an Asian-led Origin Story, and sort of man's homecoming...not sounding like a competition...but hmmm

  • Abhishek Datla
    Abhishek Datla5 dagen geleden

    So he can speak

  • James Bell
    James Bell5 dagen geleden

    Continuing to ruin things from my childhood one terrible movie at a time.

  • James Bell

    James Bell

    4 dagen geleden

    I know that all too well. I’ve seen the worst adulthood can throw at ya in my years. It would be nice if they could leave some of the stuff from my innocence alone ya know.

  • WineNot


    4 dagen geleden

    Being an adult gets much worse

  • Manoj Chowdhary
    Manoj Chowdhary5 dagen geleden

    Did anyone notice that Samara Weaving has a penchant for gory violence. Ready or not Guns akimbo Babysitter Mayhem

  • Gopal Pillai
    Gopal Pillai5 dagen geleden


  • sensin o kardeşim
    sensin o kardeşim5 dagen geleden

    Omg 00:40 iko i love u

  • Swapnil's Timeline
    Swapnil's Timeline5 dagen geleden


  • Louis Kingsley
    Louis Kingsley5 dagen geleden

    This movie is finna be lit! 😭

  • queku gyimah
    queku gyimah5 dagen geleden

    I can offer u something more important... A FAMILY🤣🤣

  • The Haunted

    The Haunted

    4 dagen geleden

    I didn't know Vin Diesel was in this movie

  • ルシファー Visceral Carnage™
    ルシファー Visceral Carnage™5 dagen geleden

    "I'm not a murderer" *precedes to murder the entire clan*

  • Dan Rafferty
    Dan Rafferty5 dagen geleden

    "The best GI Joe movie yet"? I would hope so, since all the others were total shit.

  • FeltClover


    3 dagen geleden

    I wouldn't say that. I personally liked them

  • OlDs are GoLdS Gaming
    OlDs are GoLdS Gaming5 dagen geleden

    All following marvel syrategy lol...btw snake eye ❤️

  • YutaN
    YutaN5 dagen geleden

    Where is old cast?😒

  • Adrian Guzman
    Adrian Guzman5 dagen geleden

    They should have continued with the ray park version

  • Athumani Issa
    Athumani Issa5 dagen geleden

    I will watch just to see Tokyo😟

  • Corneilus McGillicuddy
    Corneilus McGillicuddy5 dagen geleden

    On behalf off all JOE fans, I'm encouraged by the excitement that non JOE and causual fans have for this movie and I appreciate your support.

    IF I WERE5 dagen geleden

    I edit myself into movies and TV shows with green screen and was thinking about editing myself into this movie!!! Any movie suggestions would be great!!

  • The Haunted

    The Haunted

    4 dagen geleden

    Make yourself Cobra Commander

  • satansclaw66


    5 dagen geleden


  • Zazon Ong
    Zazon Ong5 dagen geleden

    0:03 You saved my life. Why? Henry Golding: It's in the script

  • Davis Stevens
    Davis Stevens5 dagen geleden

    *So many cool Asian themed movies this year. Looking forward to Shang-Chi too.*

  • stupiddummy


    4 dagen geleden

    It's not this year it's February 2022

  • Davis Stevens
    Davis Stevens5 dagen geleden

    *I Think this is the right way to restart the Franchise. One character after another.*

  • R
    R5 dagen geleden

    It looks bad......ASS! I'll check it out.

  • Eric Win
    Eric Win5 dagen geleden

    here for Iko Uwais 🔥

  • Sujit পালসই
    Sujit পালসই5 dagen geleden

    But stomsadow character was changed but way?

  • Lijecnik
    Lijecnik5 dagen geleden

    just came here to se Tokio

  • Wilson's Channel and more
    Wilson's Channel and more5 dagen geleden

    Whomever makes these trailers sometimes makes the trailer better than the movie. This looks good, but there's something about origin stories.

  • Mark John Bacosa
    Mark John Bacosa5 dagen geleden

    Iko uwais😍

  • malindarayallen


    5 dagen geleden

    Yeah, I peeped that too. Love that guy.

  • Caleb Fitzgerald
    Caleb Fitzgerald5 dagen geleden


  • Joemar Sison
    Joemar Sison5 dagen geleden

    Ray park is the best snake eyes

  • Soyam Khanal
    Soyam Khanal5 dagen geleden

    When will this movie release..?

  • Ahamad Mohammed

    Ahamad Mohammed

    5 dagen geleden

    23th july this year

  • Nawaz Baig
    Nawaz Baig5 dagen geleden

    Storm Shadow 😳

  • Solo L

    Solo L

    5 dagen geleden

    Stfu bot

  • Kamala Harris love knee pads
    Kamala Harris love knee pads5 dagen geleden

    It's a shame our military is going woke instead of training for threats like the CCP cobra conquering people. But time will tell what the future holds

  • collins kimani
    collins kimani5 dagen geleden

    Awesome 👍

  • one blood
    one blood5 dagen geleden

    Am here

  • Retro_Riftyz
    Retro_Riftyz5 dagen geleden

    Yo nice trailer

  • Muhammad Aiman Mohd Abdullah
    Muhammad Aiman Mohd Abdullah5 dagen geleden

    That took awhile

  • king.s.sabir.
    king.s.sabir.5 dagen geleden


  • Yt calle
    Yt calle5 dagen geleden


  • Ghost Orochi
    Ghost Orochi5 dagen geleden

    Good stuff

  • Manu Bawa
    Manu Bawa5 dagen geleden

    I love this series

  • fighter x official YT
    fighter x official YT5 dagen geleden

    no views

  • Karthikeya 66
    Karthikeya 665 dagen geleden