THE COLONY Trailer (2021)

Trailer for The Colony


  • ladystardust2008
    ladystardust20086 dagen geleden

    Jorah Mormont. Could and should do better 👎

  • pete dunne
    pete dunne6 dagen geleden

    sorry but the many trust cnn and thats just the doom of the human race

  • Vallaria Krozer
    Vallaria Krozer7 dagen geleden

    Shit sjw movie

  • Tyler Lamar James Hopkins
    Tyler Lamar James Hopkins7 dagen geleden

    Anyone know the name of the song that starts around 1:40?

  • Fail Time
    Fail Time8 dagen geleden

    I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ...

  • Shaun D
    Shaun D8 dagen geleden

    Jesus Christ, it's been a while since a trailer made me that bored.

  • Charles Hamilton
    Charles Hamilton8 dagen geleden

    Like a murderer who is compelled to return to the scene of his/her crime, these reprobates have the gall to revisit a destroyed earth. An undeniable message from the universe: the colonists were unable to reproduce. Take. The. Hint.

  • satansclaw66
    satansclaw668 dagen geleden

    She kills Ian Glen at the end then sails away with the the children. Who would have guessed? lol.

  • Gaming Genes
    Gaming Genes9 dagen geleden

    They screwed up the earth and left the earth, after that come back colonize the earth and enslave the survivors. This movie was called 'Tides' by the way, not Colony.

  • Tarfa P. Kpamber
    Tarfa P. Kpamber9 dagen geleden

    Got hooked as soon as I saw the Tyrant.

  • The Unbreakable Cracker
    The Unbreakable Cracker9 dagen geleden

    this is called The Tides. Why everyone is calling it the Colony i'll never know. btw, its extremely slow and the ending is more than predictable. huge letdown.

  • instadam86


    7 dagen geleden

    No this is the seaquel

  • D. Tesneair

    D. Tesneair

    9 dagen geleden

    I thought I saw this trailer a minute ago? Thnx

  • Jack Jericho
    Jack Jericho9 dagen geleden

    I was really hoping they'd reboot Children of Men!

  • jarred roach
    jarred roach9 dagen geleden

    is this going to be a movie played in theaters? its been so long I thought everything just went straight to streaming platforms!

  • DJ Firewolf
    DJ Firewolf9 dagen geleden

    Does no one know how to light dark scenes anymore? I can't see anything.

  • Oludare Omojogberun
    Oludare Omojogberun9 dagen geleden

    Aliens are always trying to take over planets Can't there just be a movie where aliens are not like humans and are not obsessed with wàr and taking over planets

  • maddwitch


    7 dagen geleden

    They're not aliens they are human. Their ancestors left earth because they wrecked it and they've decided to come back to earth because they've lost the ability to reproduce and hope to find a fix on earth, but they find that there are still people living on earth and they can have children. So they steal the children to raise as their own, indoctrinate them to believe as they do, and plan to use them to breed with once the rest of their people arrive.

  • Kushal Adhikari
    Kushal Adhikari9 dagen geleden


  • 01cornflakes
    01cornflakes9 dagen geleden


  • Jor Reacts
    Jor Reacts9 dagen geleden

    This is already out

  • Krishna Rao
    Krishna Rao9 dagen geleden

    This actually looks pretty good

  • Schoobs
    Schoobs9 dagen geleden


  • Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden9 dagen geleden

    i've watched it.. It's not very good. I'd give it a 5/10.. It had real potential to be something great.. But nope.. I'd say watch this if you've exhausted all your other movies to watch. You'll finish thinkin meh..

  • Reza Salman
    Reza Salman9 dagen geleden

    sir jorah mormont 😢

  • Zee Expeditions
    Zee Expeditions9 dagen geleden

    This is Gonna be more Excited

  • Elthon John Paet
    Elthon John Paet9 dagen geleden

    Since the movie Tomorrow War was released, many alien movies appears in trailers.

  • Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden

    9 dagen geleden

    @Chuck Hoyle It's because of the radiation on their home planet. They mentioned that.

  • Chuck Hoyle

    Chuck Hoyle

    9 dagen geleden

    Two things. 1) Tomorrow War is terrible in every way except effects. 2) This is not a movie about aliens. Humanity fled Earth after it was polluted beyond livability. Now humans are coming back because they can't seem to make babies away from Earth, which makes no sense.

  • Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden

    9 dagen geleden

    @Oludare Omojogberun I didn't watch the movie? UImmmm. Can you read champ? See the bit about when I said I turned it off. ? That was a hint right there.

  • Oludare Omojogberun

    Oludare Omojogberun

    9 dagen geleden

    @Iron Maiden you didn't watch the movie or you didn't go far in the movie. The bullets could only go into certain parts of the aliens and would you recommend they did nothing while they're overrun by aliens

  • Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden

    9 dagen geleden

    @Elthon John Paet haha. yeah

  • Edland fields
    Edland fields9 dagen geleden

    I thought this was called tides 🤔

  • strong
    strong9 dagen geleden

    Is like quiet place

  • Ian Hunter
    Ian Hunter9 dagen geleden

    Is this not Tides?

  • Gökhan
    Gökhan9 dagen geleden

    THE 100

  • Mrbowjangles 34
    Mrbowjangles 349 dagen geleden

    Got a death stranding vibe

  • siv
    siv9 dagen geleden

    literally the entire movie

  • Léon Kennedy

    Léon Kennedy

    9 dagen geleden

    If that's the case, it's really short and confusing

  • Agrian Guruji
    Agrian Guruji 9 dagen geleden

    I thought it's honey bees colony 😂😂 sorry but it seems like this

  • Robert Britt
    Robert Britt9 dagen geleden

    This is a new we are sucking the planet dry in actuality....huh....never thought of it that way....its just the theme of every movie made since 2012 funny at the same time these directors who feel comfortable saying to a 15 year old "more cleavage" camera 1 zoom in on the cleavage and I know it's not in the script but I'm sure everyone want to see them have sex now right not realizing most people aren't perv's like them and we call it the cring part you want to fast forward through somehow the directors are like yaaaa huhhhhuhuuhuhubub yaaaa that's it girl these old men making these movies are sick bastards ohh and ya they only have 1 idea for a movie and they make it 100 ways to Sunday. Black story, black suffering, and the destruction of earth by conservatives no less. How original guys 1 brain 1 thought entertainment the 21st century is really getting good huh not monotone manipulation and culture forced down our throats that nobody likes or wants or identifies with I mean I thought it wad bad when they started putting super heroes against super heroes. Different times folks

  • j0hnd0n
    j0hnd0n9 dagen geleden

    "Our predecessors failed us in so many ways" urgh!🤦‍♂️🙄 Switches off trailer. Poor Hollywood, all so tedious, predictable and boring these days.

  • j0hnd0n


    9 dagen geleden

    @Mrbowjangles 34 ZZZZZZZZ😴

  • Mrbowjangles 34

    Mrbowjangles 34

    9 dagen geleden

    Unless you've seen it you don't know shit

  • watchmen617
    watchmen6179 dagen geleden


    IF I WERE9 dagen geleden

    This looks pretty cool. I’m thinking of editing myself into this movie!!! Any movie suggestions would be great!

  • Hamthen L Konyak
    Hamthen L Konyak9 dagen geleden


  • Karl Pomare
    Karl Pomare9 dagen geleden

    Who the hell cares if your first 😧😂

  • Jack Holmes

    Jack Holmes

    8 dagen geleden

    @Karl Pomare Agreed.

  • Karl Pomare

    Karl Pomare

    8 dagen geleden

    @Jack Holmes yeah I suppose but sometimes that person ain’t even first. I don’t even know how to explain it but it’s just out of control aha. (my opinion).

  • Jack Holmes

    Jack Holmes

    8 dagen geleden

    @Karl Pomare No, I'm not. I just recognize a meme when I see one and this first thing has become a literal meme.

  • Karl Pomare

    Karl Pomare

    9 dagen geleden

    @Jack Holmes but it’s dumb. Why, are you one of those people. 😂😂😂😂

  • Jack Holmes

    Jack Holmes

    9 dagen geleden

    Evidently some people do otherwise it wouldn't have been turned into a practical meme.

  • Dante Nemesis
    Dante Nemesis9 dagen geleden


  • سجودي
    سجودي9 dagen geleden


  • FilmStar Trailer
    FilmStar Trailer9 dagen geleden

    Enjoy the trailer for The Colony

  • Agrian Guruji

    Agrian Guruji

    9 dagen geleden

    Yeah Honey 🍯 from bees colony 😘😘

  • sahaj dhillon
    sahaj dhillon9 dagen geleden

    Everyone's first untill they refresh..

  • Zuraimi Yahya
    Zuraimi Yahya9 dagen geleden

    Is this a sequel or a remake from The Colony (2013)?

  • Lucas Sabino

    Lucas Sabino

    9 dagen geleden

    I wish

  • Mike Branford
    Mike Branford9 dagen geleden


  • Dante Nemesis

    Dante Nemesis

    9 dagen geleden


  • Alan 99
    Alan 999 dagen geleden