TITANS Season 3 Trailer (2021)

Trailer for season 3 of DC's Titans


  • Rajib Ranjan
    Rajib Ranjan5 dagen geleden

    Reachel is changed much bit

  • George Chico
    George Chico7 dagen geleden

    I hope they do drag the mystery of RH, not like we don't all know who he is anyway

  • Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan7 dagen geleden

    Amazing 👍👍👍

  • whymedk
    whymedk8 dagen geleden

    Non-US people still get this on Netflix right? RIGHT!!!?

  • Fail Time
    Fail Time8 dagen geleden

    I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ...

  • jimmy moore
    jimmy moore8 dagen geleden

    is starfire ever going to be orange

  • Андрей Сильков
    Андрей Сильков9 dagen geleden

    редкостный КАЛЛ

  • Zing Bling
    Zing Bling9 dagen geleden

    How turn of the lights

  • White Cat
    White Cat9 dagen geleden

    This is not a show about Titans, its Family matter the using Titans to solve it.

  • Hunter Music
    Hunter Music9 dagen geleden

    Family ❤️🥰

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson9 dagen geleden

    I think they will have story pacing problems it looks like there doing to classic stories in one season star fires fight with black fire should be a season by itself and red hood is a Batman story that doesn’t belong here it rather they bring death stroke back

  • R
    R9 dagen geleden

    Season 3 looks HARD AS F!

  • R
    R9 dagen geleden

    2:09 Krypto Bitch!

  • Ubaid Ahmar
    Ubaid Ahmar9 dagen geleden


  • shivani Pardeshi
    shivani Pardeshi9 dagen geleden

    Released on Netflix or nott...

    BROS GAMING9 dagen geleden


  • DopeTrailerz
    DopeTrailerz9 dagen geleden

    Will this be on netflix

  • David C Dun
    David C Dun9 dagen geleden

    Please, those of us who have been following DC commics diligently, knows Red Hood is Jason Todd. This season is going to be AWESOME!!!

  • Emil Viktorsson
    Emil Viktorsson9 dagen geleden

    Redhood needs a live action high budget, big screen movie

  • anh khiem le
    anh khiem le9 dagen geleden

    dislike because Starfire

  • Khole Mcrae
    Khole Mcrae9 dagen geleden

    The end of last season was thee most corny random stupidity I’d ever seen in my life

  • MD.kamrul Hasan Riad
    MD.kamrul Hasan Riad9 dagen geleden

    Worst movie series i hv ever seen..

  • waknandanKnuckles
    waknandanKnuckles9 dagen geleden

    Bro Beast Boy better be able to transform into other animals or I swear to god

  • Anachronistic Perspective
    Anachronistic Perspective9 dagen geleden

    omg, it looks like ... shit...

  • Swapnil's Timeline
    Swapnil's Timeline9 dagen geleden


  • Surya Chattopadhyay
    Surya Chattopadhyay9 dagen geleden

    The least intimidating red hood..

  • Serious Xs Gaming Channel
    Serious Xs Gaming Channel9 dagen geleden

    Im dtill seeing only a tiger where is the gorilla and elephant?

  • MrNetrizhul
    MrNetrizhul9 dagen geleden

    Please love of goodness, paint Kory ORANGE just like Gamora.

  • Anthony Henderson

    Anthony Henderson

    7 dagen geleden

    She looks fine as she is

  • Coreaga84 Smallwood
    Coreaga84 Smallwood9 dagen geleden

    That's what I'm talking about 💪🏾 This show good AF, they really killed off the younger Robin tho 🤔 hope not seems like his story was going somewhere 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • SeekersLegacy
    SeekersLegacy9 dagen geleden

    I don’t think anyone here can deny that the best part of the show is Raven. Let’s be honest with ourselves here.

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman9 dagen geleden

    Eu vi o krypto o supercão ou eu to doido?

  • Radical Individual
    Radical Individual9 dagen geleden

    Oh shit! That show about that guy's ex girlfriends ex boyfriend's girlfriend's ex boyfriend's girlfriend who broke up and got back together with her ex boyfriend, so her boyfriend is now her ex boyfriend show is back!

  • Clearly Balkan
    Clearly Balkan9 dagen geleden

    Oh shiit ... why didn't you said earlier it was a hit series !

  • Ronariverah
    Ronariverah9 dagen geleden

    How do you watch Titans season to in the UK Legally?

  • Lilly Rey
    Lilly Rey9 dagen geleden

    I'm ready for this show!

  • gavin jones
    gavin jones9 dagen geleden

    Looks good

  • Juan Pablo Velasco B
    Juan Pablo Velasco B9 dagen geleden


  • Rick Clark
    Rick Clark9 dagen geleden

    This looks good. Can't wait.

  • Freya
    Freya9 dagen geleden

    I hope Raven gets some screen time

  • Jose Giadans
    Jose Giadans9 dagen geleden

    Sigo sin entender al batman anciano.

  • AbstractSmoke Production
    AbstractSmoke Production9 dagen geleden


  • felix hartmann
    felix hartmann9 dagen geleden

    This looks decent for once

  • Guilherme Freire
    Guilherme Freire9 dagen geleden

    great, another mediocre season

  • Cmoore
    Cmoore9 dagen geleden

    Where's Rachel

  • Jaesha
    Jaesha9 dagen geleden

    Thank you AT&T for free HBO Max. If you have AT&T cell service call them and get your free HBO Max.

  • Theodoro Traina
    Theodoro Traina9 dagen geleden

    I hope they do a better work here, than they did back in season 2

  • Leaf Dude
    Leaf Dude9 dagen geleden

    Holy F@#$! Bring it!

  • Alex LZ
    Alex LZ9 dagen geleden

    I'm really tired of that beast boy only turns into a tiger, c'mon he can turn into any animal he want, why keeping making him a tiger?



    9 dagen geleden

    To Optimize cgi expense

  • Osman Naviwala
    Osman Naviwala9 dagen geleden

    Imagine season 4 and it introduces Damian Wayne😳

  • emmys world
    emmys world9 dagen geleden

    With one episode being literally called Lazarus, I really hope they resurrect Donna

  • Lazzi 24
    Lazzi 2410 dagen geleden

    The 1st season was decent, but I wasn't big on the way it ended. Then I couldn't get passed the first few episodes of Season 2. Does it ever get better towards the middle to the end of Season 2? This Red Hood stuff got me a little hype, but just not sure I want to invest my time unless it gets better.

  • Lego Star Wars Stopmotion

    Lego Star Wars Stopmotion

    9 dagen geleden

    Ye it gets better

  • Chandler Alves
    Chandler Alves10 dagen geleden

    Okay, I'm sold. I WANT TO SEE THIS RIGHT NOW

  • SomeGuyCalledJack
    SomeGuyCalledJack10 dagen geleden

    I hope they don't drag out the "mystery" of Red Hood's identity for the whole series and try to reveal it as a twist at the end. Unless they subvert us and it's not Jason, they should play it smart, reveal it early and have some sort of redemption arc, and make THAT the focus with a new villain. I feel like at least 90% of people watching will already know who its gonna be so dragging it out would kinda be a waste of time...

  • Light C
    Light C10 dagen geleden

    I can't get myself to dislike Titans because I waited for it for so many years and I'll still watch it of course... But can they just rename the show to the Batfamily at this point? It was never the Titans in the first place 😔

  • Mister Wick
    Mister Wick10 dagen geleden


  • Big Ulf
    Big Ulf10 dagen geleden

    can we switch Cyborg to Titans and Garfield to Doom Patrol?

  • Indamácio Álex
    Indamácio Álex10 dagen geleden

    My God !!!!!

  • Help me Reach 7K Sbs without any Video
    Help me Reach 7K Sbs without any Video10 dagen geleden

    """I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ"''''

  • Ryan Kane
    Ryan Kane10 dagen geleden

    Titans is good but not the DC I want

  • nafiz m islam
    nafiz m islam10 dagen geleden

    I guess hbomax was short on their budget.. where did they find these actors? Apart from dick grayson, all others actors cant even reach the close portrayal of these characters..god helps dc...

  • Light C

    Light C

    10 dagen geleden

    They've been the actors for the past two seasons??

  • Victor Hayes
    Victor Hayes10 dagen geleden

    This looks trash, the only thing that looks decent is red hood

  • Chisom Sylvester
    Chisom Sylvester10 dagen geleden

    Nothings stronger than family

  • Opticking


    9 dagen geleden

    That's what vin diesel said 😂👌



    9 dagen geleden

    Dom dailog

  • Edzhjus


    9 dagen geleden

    Another family maybe.

  • Zach Runion
    Zach Runion10 dagen geleden

    2:14 White Raven looks freakin badass

  • Luca ZT vlogs

    Luca ZT vlogs

    9 dagen geleden

    she barely appears on the trailer, i really hope she gets a lot of screentime in the show

  • Hypnupo Нурпиро

    Hypnupo Нурпиро

    10 dagen geleden


  • JaE3OURNE of The Select Few
    JaE3OURNE of The Select Few10 dagen geleden

    Wooooooooooooo and they tried saying titans wouldn't make it passed the first season and this shit got me do hype, red hood and Mr j let's go!!!!!!!!

  • Micah Stewart
    Micah Stewart10 dagen geleden

    The red hood is jason todd robin

  • simp
    simp10 dagen geleden

    Nightwing and friends season 3 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 But fr though this show is fire and I'm so damn excited as a diehard titans fan

  • Josh Garcia
    Josh Garcia10 dagen geleden

    Jason’s destiny was to always become the Redhood I’m glad they still made joker the reason he did 🙏

  • Santo Tan

    Santo Tan

    9 dagen geleden

    Batman: Death in the Family is the exception, with the "what if's" destiny of Jason Todd. Dead Jail Bird Red Robin with Bat Kid (Tim Drake) Most of all Red Hood

  • Breadley
    Breadley10 dagen geleden


  • Duke L John
    Duke L John10 dagen geleden

    I swear to god if kory doesn’t get the most screen time I’m dying

  • Hey Its Faded

    Hey Its Faded

    10 dagen geleden

    Nah I hope to see some more Jason and his decent into Red Hood

  • TimberAway
    TimberAway10 dagen geleden

    Let's goooooooo!!!!

  • Stanley Ezen
    Stanley Ezen10 dagen geleden

    Please have better writing

  • EinieN J
    EinieN J10 dagen geleden

    So it's not on Netflix anymore?

  • MightyRaccoon


    9 dagen geleden

    I don’t even have hbo Max in my country so I won’t be able to watch it

  • MightyRaccoon


    9 dagen geleden

    Idk why but for some reason this looks really low budget

  • True Beast
    True Beast10 dagen geleden

    People actually watch this garbage?

  • Sons of Gaming

    Sons of Gaming

    10 dagen geleden

    @simp don't disrespect DB fans with this guy :-(

  • Sons of Gaming

    Sons of Gaming

    10 dagen geleden

    better then most of CW and MCU series stuff, only thing that is good superhero TV wise thats still airing is Stargirl, Superman and Lois, Titans and Doom Patrol.

  • simp


    10 dagen geleden

    Your watching the trailer.... And if you haven't noticed they all look beautiful Starfire's new suit is amazing your a low life dragon ball fan you know nothing about 90s comics teen titans

  • Indie Senshi

    Indie Senshi

    10 dagen geleden

    Boo on you!

  • Trung Truc Le
    Trung Truc Le10 dagen geleden


  • root8ble
    root8ble10 dagen geleden

    not sure I will watch this season... season 2 was so bad

  • Karl ヅ
    Karl ヅ10 dagen geleden

    if raven isn't in the season 3 am not watching

  • Supreme Victory

    Supreme Victory

    10 dagen geleden

    She’s been seen on set in a new suit that’s more Raven like

  • Charlie 123
    Charlie 12310 dagen geleden

    Who was the girl with the machete and the bald guy with the vials

  • Charlie 123

    Charlie 123

    5 dagen geleden

    @Sons of Gaming like at the very beginning

  • Sons of Gaming

    Sons of Gaming

    10 dagen geleden

    bald guy looks like Gizmo, not sure about girl have to check that out can you give timestamp.

  • Hideus
    Hideus10 dagen geleden

    Oh who that Red Hood guy could be. I HAVE NO IDEA really! Not at all. Like I feel like there will be fun in finding out who he is. (Even If we all really know who he is)

  • Neon_Radd_Catcher
    Neon_Radd_Catcher10 dagen geleden

    Can't wait to see Red Hood in action. This is much better than the crap I see on CW network except for Superman and Lois.

  • Kuddle Cat

    Kuddle Cat

    9 dagen geleden

    @Rev Jragon been binge watching flash and when I saw them in elseworld Event I really liked Superman's personality along with his chemistry with Loise! It's better than what they have in the movies

  • Rev Jragon

    Rev Jragon

    10 dagen geleden

    Superman and Lois is genuinely the most surprising superhero show ... surprising as in, surprised it's not shit. It's actually a top tier superhero show ... I still can't believe how good it is.

  • Micah Stewart

    Micah Stewart

    10 dagen geleden

    @Sons of Gaming was

  • Micah Stewart

    Micah Stewart

    10 dagen geleden

    @Jarlath Leonard was

  • Sons of Gaming

    Sons of Gaming

    10 dagen geleden

    anyone else see Gizmo in trailer or is that someone else, it feels like gizmo.

  • brianhkdk
    brianhkdk10 dagen geleden

    Maybe a stupid question, but is Titans moving from Netflix to HBO Max? We don`t have HBO Max in Denmark yet, (I think it`s coming late 2021) That`s why I`m asking ;-) Anyone?

  • brianhkdk


    10 dagen geleden

    @Jannis Hd The first 2 seasons are still on Netflix (just checked) I kinda hope it stays there as well

  • brianhkdk


    10 dagen geleden

    @Sam Woodard Thanks :-)

  • Jannis Hd

    Jannis Hd

    10 dagen geleden

    @Sam Woodard i'm from Germany and I really hope its it will be on Netflix

  • Sam Woodard

    Sam Woodard

    10 dagen geleden

    no, it’s moved to hbo max for american ppl bc the dc universe streaming service it was originally on is now gone. it’s probably still gonna be netflix for international fans

  • The Joker
    The Joker10 dagen geleden

    I cant fucking wait for redhood this is awesome

  • Sang Tran
    Sang Tran10 dagen geleden

    I’ve been waiting for red hood since ss1😂

  • Tim Dunford
    Tim Dunford10 dagen geleden

    It looks great, but what’s up with Beast Boy. May as well call him green tiger boy. And a female Commissioner Gordon…

  • Tim Dunford

    Tim Dunford

    10 dagen geleden

    @Sam Woodard gotcha! Thank you for the explanation.

  • Sam Woodard

    Sam Woodard

    10 dagen geleden

    it’s not a female james gordon, it’s actually barbara gordon who is now commissioner. it’s not a genderswapped jim gordon or anything

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime10 dagen geleden

    Is that Deadpool's mask

  • Sebastian lopez quiroz
    Sebastian lopez quiroz10 dagen geleden


  • Banjop W Suchiang
    Banjop W Suchiang10 dagen geleden

    Can’t fckn wait anymore…..super excited…💻🍿

  • Chromelium
    Chromelium10 dagen geleden

    this is DC's riverdale

  • Gonk droid
    Gonk droid10 dagen geleden

    Yooo scarecrow!!!!

  • RebeccaHindle
    RebeccaHindle10 dagen geleden

    Awesome I heard Dana Troy is going to be brought back

  • Sam Woodard

    Sam Woodard

    10 dagen geleden

    yeh she’s been seen in set photos too

  • Liricalgenius Vevo
    Liricalgenius Vevo10 dagen geleden

    Finally!!!!! Been waiting almost 2 Fuckin years now for this

  • Vishal R. Kadam
    Vishal R. Kadam10 dagen geleden

    0:39 Evil Laugh.......listen in Headphones 🎧

  • Almighty Gwapo
    Almighty Gwapo10 dagen geleden

    Finally we waited like a year

  • The WMH Show
    The WMH Show10 dagen geleden


  • Luringskydiver
    Luringskydiver10 dagen geleden

    Oh this show still exist

  • Son Goku_YT
    Son Goku_YT10 dagen geleden

    I love Raven

  • ronny singh999
    ronny singh99910 dagen geleden

    Bahut hard

  • Santosh kumar Santosh kumar
    Santosh kumar Santosh kumar10 dagen geleden

    dead pool lite!! superman lite!!

  • Indie Senshi
    Indie Senshi10 dagen geleden

    I see no Chelsea Zhang.. I really hope she has as big a part as last season.

  • Mario Moreno
    Mario Moreno10 dagen geleden


  • Tainaka Satoshi
    Tainaka Satoshi10 dagen geleden

    I love when Kory shows up. All I want from this series is to learn Tamaranian. Learn to read Kory's mission.