Top Upcoming HORROR Movies 2021 (Trailers)

Top upcoming horror movies still to come in 2021

00:00 Halloween Kills
02:30 Don't Breathe 2
05:20 Candyman
07:47 Escape Room 2: Tournament Of Champions
10:15 Old
12:58 The Forever Purge
15:21 A Dark Foe
17:10 Till Death


  • FilmStar Trailer
    FilmStar Trailer8 dagen geleden

    Top upcoming horror movies still to come in 2021 00:00 Halloween Kills 02:30 Don't Breathe 2 05:20 Candyman 07:47 Escape Room 2: Tournament Of Champions 10:15 Old 12:58 The Forever Purge 15:21 A Dark Foe 17:10 Till Death

  • Stephanie Parker
    Stephanie Parker3 uur geleden

    That’s the origin of candyman

  • Lloyd Nestle
    Lloyd Nestle4 uur geleden

    Don't Fart 2

  • Downtobaker
    Downtobaker2 dagen geleden

    Home alone with Megan Fox...

  • James Holden
    James Holden2 dagen geleden

    I'm really excited for old, the premise seems interesting

  • Luci Powell

    Luci Powell

    Dag geleden

    me too,cant wait to see it

  • Vylan
    Vylan2 dagen geleden

    And theres holloween ends that shit looks great

  • Joshua Sheldon
    Joshua Sheldon2 dagen geleden

    Lmao the first half of these were good then the second half sucked balls

  • Princess Wolfy
    Princess Wolfy2 dagen geleden

    Please tell me that this isn’t it

  • Sm canal Bell
    Sm canal Bell3 dagen geleden

    Wow Amazing films!! 😍😍

  • Alexandrer Robinson
    Alexandrer Robinson3 dagen geleden

    Sorry but Black folk dont need no more stress in their lives

  • Stephen Mwiti
    Stephen Mwiti3 dagen geleden

    Can't wait for old and candy man

  • Rusell Juan
    Rusell Juan3 dagen geleden

    I can't wait for halloween,Don't breath and antler's then Old hoping for the cinema here to open

  • thomas he
    thomas he4 dagen geleden

    too scary

  • Luci Powell
    Luci Powell4 dagen geleden

    When is Antlers going to be released....been waiting ages since trailer..

  • Luci Powell

    Luci Powell

    17 uur geleden

    @James Holden yea hope so end of october fingers crossed.

  • Luci Powell

    Luci Powell

    18 uur geleden

    @Calvin Dirette lol that's not fun when yr old man wont sit through it. ill quite happily watch it on my own on big screen ,lights out with my headphones in ,then cuss when i jump, lol very few horror films bother me. I've checked out the new James Wan movie " Malignant" looks pretty good.

  • Calvin Dirette

    Calvin Dirette

    Dag geleden

    @Luci Powell I’ve literally been waiting since I saw the first trailer like two years ago. I showed my 50 something year old dad a trailer last night, and he told me, without a doubt, he would not go with me to see it, so I’m rolling solo πŸ˜‚

  • Luci Powell

    Luci Powell

    Dag geleden

    @Calvin Dirette lol. ditto on that

  • Luci Powell

    Luci Powell

    Dag geleden

    @James Holden hi yeah i know due to covid its got delayed i looked it up on google and it has another release date for 29th oct...fingers crossed.

  • Devin MC
    Devin MC4 dagen geleden

    yesss can't wait for all of them!

  • Dino Fair
    Dino Fair5 dagen geleden

    Escape room 2 ended with a total cliffhanger like wow what a god dang awesome movie tho

  • B. M.
    B. M.5 dagen geleden

    So like is anyone still waiting to see if Freddy will make a comeback or is it just me πŸ€”

  • max diverse

    max diverse

    2 dagen geleden

    I dont think any new actor could pull off or top the freddy Robert englund did, their one attempt was very trash and in my personal opinion they should leave tht series alone its already gold

  • esurfer26
    esurfer265 dagen geleden

    Mike Myers was really sad every times when his name was mention on a film but it wasn't his films such as Austin Power series or Wayne World.

  • Adamant Forge
    Adamant Forge6 dagen geleden

    So not only do they crap on the regular Halloween an show pretty much the entire movie but the draged Season of the witch into it. Screw off Blumhouse you lazy hack enabler.

  • Jack Jaballah
    Jack Jaballah7 dagen geleden


  • Erwin
    Erwin7 dagen geleden

    8:35 we some kind of tournament of champions?

  • Dee Tag
    Dee Tag7 dagen geleden

    Can't wait for 'old' film. Getting tired of Purge Franchise.

  • rtyjuk76y5egfgrthh


    4 dagen geleden

    @Thomas M.R. for real

  • Thomas M.R.

    Thomas M.R.

    5 dagen geleden

    I mean I’m also excited for β€˜old’ but come on man, purge ain’t bad😭

  • nightgazer101
    nightgazer1017 dagen geleden

    OLD looks kind of interesting, i may be disappointed...

  • Saman Sisira
    Saman Sisira8 dagen geleden

    Nice movie 🀘🀘

  • Anwar Hadid
    Anwar Hadid8 dagen geleden

    i’m so excited πŸ˜‚

  • strong
    strong8 dagen geleden

    Don't breathe 2:35. And till death 17:10 the best

  • Bizzram βœ“
    Bizzram βœ“8 dagen geleden

    Halloween kills baby

  • [kNiV]gotpot47 vs. the W0Rld
    [kNiV]gotpot47 vs. the W0Rld8 dagen geleden

    See the predictive programming The Purge notice white men firearms we come in for all y'all salty army

  • Flakron Pergjegjaj
    Flakron Pergjegjaj8 dagen geleden

    Ok bro Chucky is back and Michael Myers is back wtf this so awesome bro

  • Nor Priest
    Nor Priest8 dagen geleden

    "Let it burn" Such a corny horror movie line lmao πŸ˜‚

  • Smoke Bomb18
    Smoke Bomb188 dagen geleden

    This is gonna be good 😱

  • Kill Bill
    Kill Bill8 dagen geleden

    Can’t wait for Halloween 🀟🏽🀟🏽🀟🏽

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos8 dagen geleden


  • GBecks
    GBecks8 dagen geleden

    Excited for don’t breath 2, of course candy man and escape room 2

  • Eubes
    Eubes8 dagen geleden

    nice video!