TURNING RED Trailer (2022)


  • Regina Murel
    Regina Murel2 uur geleden

    This looks likes a movie that’s going to be a hit 😃😃😊

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master3 uur geleden


  • Mono
    Mono4 uur geleden

    I don't get how her clothes don't rip off when she turns into a huge red panda but when she turns back into her human form her clothes are still on her

  • •Øriginal_Furry Samyoung•
    •Øriginal_Furry Samyoung•4 uur geleden

    The fact that she looks like soda pop from chikn's oc

  • Cameron Woodhouse
    Cameron Woodhouse5 uur geleden

    this is very unrealistic, she’s wearing a hat inside school

  • ༺V༻
    ༺V༻7 uur geleden

    The furries gonna eat this up

  • MCHL°
    MCHL°13 uur geleden

    Turning to a Furry* ?

  • SsoRetraC
    SsoRetraC14 uur geleden

    Based on the trailer so far, it seems like this movie lacks plot and character depth. Also, I hate the character designs. That’s just me.

  • eggnblood
    eggnblood14 uur geleden

    Finally, a movie about panic attacks!

  • Josh Korte
    Josh Korte17 uur geleden

    This is just Pixar making a movie for China

  • KrispyKetchup
    KrispyKetchup18 uur geleden

    That’s not Canada

  • S l e e p y!
    S l e e p y!21 uur geleden

    *I wanna see that movie so fricking bad!!!-*

  • Purple Guy
    Purple GuyDag geleden

    Seriously, After Watching This: IT'S THE MOM'S FAULT!!!!

  • Comrade ShadowKat
    Comrade ShadowKatDag geleden

    So the mom isn’t very bright I see

  • Matthew XD
    Matthew XDDag geleden

    1995 Pixar: what if toys had feelings? 2007 Pixar: what if cars had feelings? 2015 Pixar: what if FEELINGS had feelings? 2020 Pixar: What if black people had feelings? 2022 Pixar: What if CANADIANS had feelings? Honestly how far will Pixar go with feelings lol 😂

  • Joughnut
    JoughnutDag geleden

    Soooo, if Bruce banner was a furry. Got it.

  • Michael Nohandika
    Michael NohandikaDag geleden

    It's already 1 week and there's no communist joke around. I'm dissapointed.

  • CIA
    CIADag geleden

    Oh no, is this communist

  • Thomas Attard
    Thomas AttardDag geleden

    Turning Red, just like nations in the cold War did

  • Calcium Carbonate
    Calcium CarbonateDag geleden

    My favorite movie, a furry with an anxiety disorder.

  • Raina Espiritu
    Raina EspirituDag geleden

    Why is nobody talking about that they used a Backstreet Boy song😂😂😂😂😂💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Burner Account 1
    Burner Account 1Dag geleden

    Looks like an illumination movie not pixar

  • Gracelin Smith
    Gracelin SmithDag geleden

    She looks so cuddly 🥰

  • Dolphina
    DolphinaDag geleden

    turning FURRY (2022)

  • KingCookieCat Does Stuff
    KingCookieCat Does StuffDag geleden

    Yay canada

  • Jotunn the toaster gunn
    Jotunn the toaster gunnDag geleden

    Hmm yes the movie where a child turns into a furry when she’s excited or stressed out...Wut

  • Juliet Dusuntia
    Juliet DusuntiaDag geleden

    This better be my favorite

  • ashley rivera
    ashley riveraDag geleden


  • Global Warrior
    Global WarriorDag geleden

    The main characters parent is a Karen!

  • NurDan
    NurDanDag geleden

    Your mom

  • Rusty Raven
    Rusty RavenDag geleden

    BSB! Yayyyyy!!!

  • AdrianPC
    AdrianPC2 dagen geleden

    Wait, is she sitting on the bus at 0:06

  • Tommy Welch
    Tommy Welch2 dagen geleden

    This looks like it’s gonna be really bad.

  • Alie E.
    Alie E.2 dagen geleden

    Bro she a furry

  • MR. GLVP
    MR. GLVP2 dagen geleden

    This is like a weird super power, like beast boy but he can only turn into one animal

  • RED
    RED2 dagen geleden


  • Jack Cooney
    Jack Cooney2 dagen geleden

    Already anticipating some furry smut and I’m not excited

  • Betrix
    Betrix2 dagen geleden

    It's a movie about a furry

  • Volkswiggy’s Imagination Productions
    Volkswiggy’s Imagination Productions2 dagen geleden

    How is she like this?!?!

  • Tadgh O'Connor
    Tadgh O'Connor2 dagen geleden


  • Sudha Paruchuri
    Sudha Paruchuri2 dagen geleden

    0:57 The Bear Have Growl and Roar and Grr

  • Kenpachi Ramasama
    Kenpachi Ramasama2 dagen geleden

    Glad to see pixar pushing the furry communist agenda 😁👌

  • Foxy23
    Foxy232 dagen geleden

    Am I the only one who saw the two guys in the street holding hands? 1:27

  • Someone Normal
    Someone Normal2 dagen geleden

    Guys don’t miss the pizza planet truck Easter egg!!

  • Anny Mouse
    Anny Mouse2 dagen geleden

    "So it takes place in canada?" "Yeah!" "But how will they know it's not just america?" "Hmm. How about we make 99% of the kids wear toques despite the weather, cover the main character's toque with maple leaves, throw in a couple hockey jerseys and literally make the main character's T shirt the canadian flag?" "You're a genius"

  • 1Q 84
    1Q 842 dagen geleden


  • crusty cookie
    crusty cookie2 dagen geleden

    Doesn't look to good

  • Zachary Daniel Uy
    Zachary Daniel Uy2 dagen geleden

    One piece got some really cool devil fruits

  • Evadooker
    Evadooker2 dagen geleden

    so .. the entire premise is she turns into a big red panda?

  • Jessica Penna
    Jessica Penna2 dagen geleden


  • theotherleonaygirl
    theotherleonaygirl2 dagen geleden

    Uh… What???

  • Parthib Hayat
    Parthib Hayat2 dagen geleden

    0/10 not enough pizza planet references

  • Jeremias Cordoba
    Jeremias Cordoba2 dagen geleden

    Isn't it too soon for announcing it right now? There's more than one f*cking year left yet...

  • Isaac Aren
    Isaac Aren2 dagen geleden

    What's up with the horror movie first half oml

  • I_ Drew
    I_ Drew2 dagen geleden

    can someone change all the teachers voice lines to the tf2 spy

  • Enbian엔비앙


    13 uur geleden

    And MeiMei is Miss Pauling

  • Blukester
    Blukester2 dagen geleden

    Eh it’s eh

  • ApexPredator
    ApexPredator2 dagen geleden

    What a karen!

  • Your Lil Brudder
    Your Lil Brudder2 dagen geleden

    Amazing cloth and hair, but Pixar refused to make realistic looking humans

  • TheLastPotatoOnEarth Lonely am I
    TheLastPotatoOnEarth Lonely am I2 dagen geleden

    Don't you love movie executives shoving merchandise down your throat?

  • Carrot God
    Carrot God2 dagen geleden

    God when I see this movie all I’m going to be thinking is someone saying “GRR!! IF YOU KEEP THAT UP, IM GOING TO TURN INTO MY WOLF SIDE! ( bad side)👿👿”

  • Cyberneer
    Cyberneer2 dagen geleden

    I'm so glad Jack's films helped us find all the hidden easter eggs in this one. I love the nod to detail that is the pizza planet truck.

  • Dill


    2 dagen geleden

    I think it's also a nod to the first Pixar movie where we first see the pizza truck and the pizza planet pizza restaurant

  • Ghost Bunny
    Ghost Bunny2 dagen geleden

    kawaii hulk

  • SoftDragon!
    SoftDragon!2 dagen geleden

    I can’t wait for this movie

  • Shady1021
    Shady10212 dagen geleden

    green friend turn green panda??

  • Enbian엔비앙


    13 uur geleden

    A chameleon

  • Alfonso Víquez
    Alfonso Víquez2 dagen geleden

    if you look closely, you can see that the smoke that apperas when she transform, has a pizza truck patern

  • Oliver Puppet Productions
    Oliver Puppet Productions2 dagen geleden

    Disney has really lowered their standards....

  • Oliver Puppet Productions
    Oliver Puppet Productions2 dagen geleden

    Disney has really lowered their standards....

  • Narsku
    Narsku2 dagen geleden

    Did any of you see the Pizza Planet truck?

  • Megan O
    Megan O2 dagen geleden

    Okay, pretty based that they used Backstreet Boys for this

  • Ruby Oppenheimer
    Ruby Oppenheimer2 dagen geleden

    Nice seeing a an animated movie take place in Toronto.

  • Bruhman
    Bruhman2 dagen geleden

    I didn’t know Meg from family guy was a furry.

  • Doge Boi
    Doge Boi2 dagen geleden

    This will have such a great plot. I can tell.

  • thevicky
    thevicky2 dagen geleden

    anyone else thought she was just daydreaming when she transformed at first?

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack2 dagen geleden

    I am…. Confused?

  • Rozalyn Myers
    Rozalyn Myers2 dagen geleden

    Red pandas are turning popular :3

  • Mukhtar A
    Mukhtar A3 dagen geleden

    This reminded me a lot about a short film

  • Benyamin Yaphiliandro
    Benyamin Yaphiliandro3 dagen geleden

    Turning red Countries in cold war:"hey i've seen this one"

  • stella the wolf
    stella the wolf3 dagen geleden


  • Douglas Fahrenholz
    Douglas Fahrenholz3 dagen geleden

    Is she supposed to be Japanese American because she can turn into a red panda?

  • Deartabby 1
    Deartabby 13 dagen geleden


  • Massimiliano Visconti
    Massimiliano Visconti3 dagen geleden

    We have a Panda! (Tony Stark)

    BRAND R3 dagen geleden

    I think she a Tanuki which are shape-shifting youkai raccoon. Interesting a canadian yokai

  • Heena Shahab
    Heena Shahab3 dagen geleden

    Why 2022

  • Richard Calisi
    Richard Calisi3 dagen geleden

    man....PIXAR is awesome.

  • Red Militia
    Red Militia3 dagen geleden


  • TatoMatics
    TatoMatics3 dagen geleden

    D'aawwww she's so fluffy!

  • Red Militia
    Red Militia3 dagen geleden

    The plot is a Communist manifesto,

  • Rick Does stuff
    Rick Does stuff3 dagen geleden

    the hell?

  • Prajwal Vanjari
    Prajwal Vanjari3 dagen geleden

    Soviets loved the title

  • MrXtorn
    MrXtorn3 dagen geleden

    Ale, że zrobili bajkę o Ewronie.

  • Kiran H
    Kiran H3 dagen geleden

    The inclusion of Sikh community❤️

  • Toys Community
    Toys Community3 dagen geleden

    fun fact red pandas really are in china

  • Bryne Godfrey Booc
    Bryne Godfrey Booc3 dagen geleden

    So is my big brother going to turn into a furry and a p□$$¥

  • sealskull
    sealskull3 dagen geleden

    im SO excited for this.

  • Omni
    Omni3 dagen geleden


  • Zeal Star Media
    Zeal Star Media3 dagen geleden

    So… to turn a character into a giant creature… why something as small as a red panda?

  • Someone
    Someone3 dagen geleden

    Finally something in canada

  • Jayson Bear
    Jayson Bear3 dagen geleden

    Kids version of hulk